System Restore using Windows XP recovery console

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This video will show you how to do an system restore even when you are unable to login to the computer using safe mode or other advanced options.

The following commands were used in this video

First cd – will navigate to the C: drive
cd system~1_resto~1

here you might get an Access denied error the following commands were used to over come that error
cd windowssystem32config
ren system system.bak
exit will restart the system

After resolving the Access denied error followed…


  1. I am very Great thankful to you. But after doing this process my computer restart and give me a dialogue box (winlogon.exe) error and after selecting ok button it gives me a lsass.exe unable to locate after pressing ok it gives me a user interface error (interface.dll and msgina.dll) error What should i do

    Regards Ahsan Ali Khan

  2. copy _registry_machine_system c:windowssystem32configsystem
    copy _registry_machine_software c:windowssystem32configsoftware
    copy _registry_machine_security c:windowssystem32configsecurity
    copy _registry_machine_sam c:windowssystem32configsam
    copy registry_user.default c:windowssystem32configdefault

    when i type this command my computer says "the file could not be copied"

    please help me what i am supposed to do please..

  3. when i type 
    Cd system~1_resto~1>dir
    i don't see rp0 or rp anything
    d–hs— ¬† ¬† 0.
    d–hs— ¬† ¬† 0..
    -a——- ¬† ¬†398 drivetable.txt
    -a——- ¬† ¬†677 fifo.log
    -a——- ¬† ¬† ¬†24 _driver.cfg
    -a——- 23388 _filelst.cfg

    where is rp?
    anything wrong?
    help me

  4. I did this procedure and it still wont boot up it tries to go into disk check then starts over and loops?
    also one of the entries wouldn't take unit I entered all the rest then went back and it took it does that matter?
    computer worked on a Friday then turned it on sat. and just loops, also I  replaced bulging capacitors, after it started looping but still is the same.

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