Systems Administrator Reacts to Windows 8

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This is a video of our systems administrator’s first reaction to Windows 8 being installed on his computer.


  1. Quik Stury Tiem: Windows 8: 0:40 … Windows 7 End Of Support Date Shown: 0:48 … Final Day of Windows 10 Free Upgrade 1:00 … After that Miek Finally Realizes that He Can Create a System Image, Clone it, And then Dual Boot from Windows 10 and Windows 7… FIN (Engrish was Used Intentionally used, Please Keep you're Grammar Nazi's on their Leashes.)

  2. this is exactly how I reacted when windows 8 was released. You look at the metro interface and you're like WTF?

    Windows 8 is suppose to be for mobile devices, not the desktop environment. Or it could be for ex-mac users lol.

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