T650 Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad for Windows 8 – Logitech

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The T650 Rechargeable Touchpad for Windows 8 gives you fast, fluid navigation at your fingertips. The large touch surface replicates a touchscreen-like experience and gives you the freedom to perform any gesture wherever your fingers rest. Scroll with ease through the Start screen or web pages, swipe to switch apps and activate the Charms bar, pinch zoom into photos, and more. Plus, the entire touch surface acts as a large button—click wherever you wish. Learn more at www.logitech.com/t650


  1. I wonder how this would work in a 3d modeling environment. I'd imagine the click and drag might be an issue, but I'd love to be able to create something with more of a hand gesture/finger paint work flow

  2. Hi, can the T650 touch-pad work in tandem with a wired mouse? I really want to buy the T650 Touch-pad so that I can use all the gesture features on windows 8.1 like a swipe up on the start screen for a list of all apps, left swipe for the charm bar, pinch to zoom etc.. But I still want to be able to use my wired mouse for other general stuff. Hope I can get a reply soon.

  3. this thing is amazing. i was very impressed. i had no idea i would like it so much in a big screen living room environment. but its a thousand times better than having my mouse break from falling off my lap or slowly moving as it slides around. plus the unify driver is awesome with my k360 keyboard. also no more clicky annoying sounds

  4. Logitech if you are reading this… if you can make a product higher quality than this with a stylus there is a market out there from artists that will buy it.

    Far too long Wacom has been the only company making products like that and they could use some quality competition from a company like yours.

  5. Buying Win8 tomorrow, going to try it and see how it I like it with m&kb , then going to order this from Newegg, Saturday definitely. I'm a big fan of Logitech, their products have never let me down.

  6. Yeah, well, its never going to be useful for me, but in those scenarios it certainly would be, I myself never use laptops other than when I'm away. I tend to use a desktop whenever I can.

  7. Actually no….I have a track pad on my laptop, but don't use it unless I take it away……and the T650 could be operated from my recliner to the HDTV that is plugged into my laptop. (Or even a desktop.) The same is true with my wireless mouse, and wireless keyboard. Wires clutter my coffee table, and I'm left handed. Someone who is right handed can just move the wireless over to the right side without wires.

    Apparently Logitech knows why they make wireless devices.

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