Ubuntu OS|Gnome DE: Window Controls|Titlebar Buttons

March 16, 2018 admin 0

Get(Free,Donate) #Titlebar Buttons #Window Controls Tools(2): 1. gnome-tweak-tool for just click: Windows – Add/Remove Maximize/minimize buttons. – Switch Left/Right(side). 2. dconf-editor for text edit: /org/gnome/desktop/wm/preferences/button-layout […]

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS: Enable Gnome Shell Theme

March 6, 2018 admin 0

Get(Free,Donate) #Package: chrome-gnome-shell #Extension: User themes: Extract to: /home/[user]/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions Folder named: user-theme@gnome-shell-extensions.gcampax.github.com #Alt+F2 and “r” to reload for Tweak Tool, or simple : close and […]