Take a Screenshot of a Website – BASH Script – Linux – cutycapt – wkhtmltopdf

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  1. tried to use wkhtmltoimage on a google calendar page , but can't get the login done…
    Any suggestions on that?
    (no, the xml feeds won't help, because these always show only one calendar, not all in one. but maybe someone can tell how to aggregate these?)

  2. @amb1402: I never told you to use Unity or Gnome3. I just said that you are using an OS that is 2 years old. Which is true. 10.4, means April 2010. That was almost 2 years ago. I'm not telling you what DE/WM to use. But, 2 years is along time in software development. I'm just recommending upgrading.

  3. Now, after watching a few of your BASH videos I should be able to construct a script that will take a text list of URLs and pass that list to this tool so I could get screen grabs of all those 1000+ sites… I'm ready! I'll post what I can achieve in the next few days. Thanks for posting this, very useful and interesting.

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