TC Podcasts with InfinitelyGalactic-Comments Corner-Linux VS Windows.Part 1 of 2

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TosCasts Podcasts featuring a special Comments Corner Edition with InfinitelyGalactic where we comment on your comments. We ran over an hour so this is part 1 of 2.


  1. regarding to wine question. im using it daily basis and its works pretty well..most of the games run fine (with nvidia card that is..with ati u wont have such success). i used to dualboot before also for gaming but about a year now im been only using linux+wine for gaming. u can check my channel if u wanna see what u can run there and thats just fraction of games.

  2. The driver problem, I don't know that he downloaded a corrupted file. He could have just downloaded the ATi proprietary drivers, which destroy any Ubuntu unity installation. I've checked the MD5 on the downloads, but whenever I downloaded the ATi drivers it would crash my laptop and not boot anymore.

  3. Good to hear a solid, c relaxed Australian voice, instead of European (Irish) or North American anxiety-tensed voices. I'm Aussie. What do other non-Aussies think.alm,

  4. XUBUNTU 11.10 is my preferred. Tried & continually trying EVERY *buntu being released over a few decades. Depending on my GPU-CPU hardware, may install AWN or Cairo. Xubuntu allow 4 taskbars (on all 4 sides). Top taskbar cannot be intellihidden, but it can be auto-minimized.

  5. @TechChater Two versions of Win (7 & XP), + 6 versions of Linux, on two 750GB HDD on my HP Pavilion Notebook DV7. Use GRUB 4 booting, else defaults to last installed op sys.
    Each Linux op sys has BOOT=96mb. ROOT=12 gb. WIN7 h-lineas 30gb, but uses only 12 gb (removed in Linux the hiberantion & pagefile space; pagefile spread over other ntfs partitions as well). All data & archives 4 all op sys stored on NTFS-W7-compressed partitions; offline backed-up every few hours.

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