TeamSpeak 3 Linux Server – CentOS killed Ubuntu. ( Setup Server Fast Easy )

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Just a quick tutorial video on how to setup a TeamSpeak 3 Linux Server for CentOS, previously attempted on Ubuntu and failed, so Ubuntu can lick my load off Ubuntu’s mom’s chest.


  1. Hey.

    Great guide, now i finaly found out how to set it up on my vps server. Do you know, how to inset my licensekey? so i can host many, and are there a control panel to host them. Or do i need to set them all up, like you did?

  2. Very nice! Just a quick tip if you type the first few letters of the file your trying to tar/untar or script your trying execute and then hit the tab key it will fill the rest of the file name out for you i know personally for me i hate taking my hands off my keyboard when working with the terminal and maybe this will help some people. I got it working in ubuntu using this exact same process but i feel like centos is much more stable! Thanks.

  3. I had that myself it meant that i hade CENTOS 32 bit on 64bit teamspeak but when i look your problem it seems that it searches for lib .. not lib64 it looks like you have CENTOS 64 and tries to run teamspeak on 32 BITS

  4. I kept getting this…

    Starting the TeamSpeak 3 server
    TeamSpeak 3 server started, for details please view the log file
    ./ ./ts3server_linux_x86: /lib/ bad ELF interpreter: No such file or directory

  5. @RainbowCumshot I am trying to install it on Ubuntu 11.04 and I know you are using CentOS, but I just had a quick question. The only reason I cannot connect to my server is that it is saying my server is out of date. Why would that be if I downloaded the latest files from the TeamSpeak website? As you may can tell, I am still kind of new to the Linux scene but I am gradually getting the hang of it.

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