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What a doozy of a call. Cursed down computers, hackers infecting my IP address. Oh, and WHERE THE FUCK DID COMMAND PROMPT GO?

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  1. scammer:(OH MY GOD) he can't figure out why windows 10 is actually linux. I mean hello u see that cartana is missing an that fact that your program couldn't didn't give u a red flag that its actually linux XD. scamers.

  2. I am legit on SSDI, so I keep them calling back to see if I have had to help friends and gotten paid for it, since I can drive… The calls stop after about 6 months.

  3. Where did you get that Unity theme? It'd be fun to mess around with.
    Edit: wait a minute that's not Unity, that's cinnamon. I I knew Unity wasn't that flexible. And that case where did you get that cinnamon theme?

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