[TEChBrits] Windows 8 Tour, Thoughts + Tricks

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Ryan (@Sir_Daws) takes you on a tour through Windows 8, including personal thoughts, as well as offering some tricks + tips to improve your experience!

Download the Windows 8 Consumer Preview:


  1. @Julian8Lim That's a fantastic idea, afraid got manflu at the moment hence no episode this week 🙁 just wanted to put it something quick and easy for everyone until next week 🙂 – Ry

  2. That to me would be a more typical use of a PC, of course you could go further, and watch a video on You Tube that someone emailed you the link to, check the football scores from the weekend and have a skype conversation. etc. etc.

  3. Ryan, That's a great look at Windows 8, but I would like to see the interface used as it might be typically. Could you for example make a new video where you open up your email, check it (in the background) then copy a photo (from your camera Sd card that you took yesterday, clean it up, resize it, up load it to your facebook then tweet Jorj that you have done it, so that he can see it on his Mac.

  4. @MrRockwell7 Get to it! Won't regret it, utterly incredible. Found it much better to install on a clean partition if you can, installing over current seemed to cause quite few app crashes

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