Technology Showdown: Icon Wars (Apple vs. Windows Part 4)

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Apple takes a vacation from battling against the Winbuntu. He goes into Bob’s computer, which is running Windows XP, to relax and hang out with his friends, the Icons. Unfortunately, Windows comes in and ruins the fun, and now an icon war is waging!

Icon Wars was one of the biggest SFC projects to date (until The Prologue). This episode continues where the previous episode left off, after the Winbuntu splits because of Apple’s victories. This episode took a total of 3 months to complete,…


  1. Google save me…. Google : sure thing! what's the problem? Windows is trying to chainsaw through my laptop and through my new BSOD wallpaper… Google : OH NO HE DIDN'T I LIKED THAT WALLPAPER GET OVER HERE YOU SON OF A- 2 seconds later thanks google! now windows is part of my background! Google : no probs. he looks good right there stuck in the BSOD screen.

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