Test Leap Motion & Windows 8

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Test de la version bêta finale du Leap Motion avec Windows 8. L’interface est particulièrement bien adaptée au Leap Motion. Plus d’infos sur


  1. Je croyais que c'était bien, et maintenant que j'ai vu cette vidéo je trouve va ça nul et pas au point. On voit à quel point vous vous appliqué pour faire un simple clic et le défilement avec un mouvement de main bien rond pas naturel du tout…  Je suis sur que ça fonctionne en apprenant à l'utiliser mais le problème c'est qu'il faudrait que ce soit INTUITIF et que ça marche avec les mouvements que nous avons déjà l'habitude d'effectuer. En plus de ça je trouve la latence énorme. Dommage.

  2. All the people who say this is not practical or useful, you should really say "This is not practical or useful YET". I played around with one of these at a computer parts store, and I also messed with some touch monitors I was looking at, and I like this thing better. The touch monitor can get all fingerprinted, plus they are SUPER expensive. Plus if you are like me and you have your monitor far back on your desk, a touch display would stretch your arm out. This allows you to put your little brick right next to your mouse/kyeboard, and work your PC like with a touch device. This thing could be very useful to animators and 3D modellers, because they could actually reach out and touch their models.

    The LEAP motion controller is not practical or useful. YET.

  3. yes, but this is not the expectation of this product for normal use, this is what we tend to see as pre release videos because they are still just showing proof of concept/ product it is showing how the product works and that the product works. These videos don't show where the product will be in everyday use. Also it is important not to compare this to a mouse but to compare it to using a touchscreen monitor, that is where you really start to see its value

  4. looks good only problem i see is practicality , so to do anything on the computer you have to move most of your um when on a mouse its a couple of centimeters , ill probably just get it as a toy not really daily use

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