Testing and Calibrating the Battery on HP Notebook PCs in Windows 8

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Learn how to test and calibrate the battery in your HP Notebook. Calibrating the battery resets the battery gauge and ensures the battery recharges completely.

For other helpful videos go to hp.com/supportvideos or youtube.com/howto4u.

This video was produced by HP.


  1. Hp support, I charged my battery fully and went to do a hard disk test to drain it so I cpuld calibrate and hard disk test isn't an option! Its no where on my screen when I start it up using the espace key. There are tons of test options but not hard disk. How can I get it to appear?

  2. I purchased a brand new battery and makes a strange jump from around 10% to 100% instantly and vice versa (goes from 90% to 0%) making the system start suspension, is my battery faulty? (My compaq laptop does not have the UEFI showed in this video)

  3. support team, my laptop is not charging. if I connect the charger it will work if I not connect the charger not work then. I was using Windows 8 then I installed update diagnostic also again the issue I didn't get the battery option remain every option is there what I can do. please advise

  4. hi, My Hp notebook laptop battery says (plugged in, not charging). i have followed the steps to DEVICE MANAGER and UNISTALL and UPDATE , SHUT DOWN….done all that yet, its not charging and its currently 0%, so that means it cant be calibrated. hpw do i fix this?

  5. My brand new Spectre x360 2017's battery is only lasting 5.5hrs. (HP advertises 12hrs; online reviews indicated 10hours). I'm only using Chrome, word, watching videos at 70% brightness; and using HP Recommended power mode. The Battery diagnostic test "passed". Should I return the laptop to the seller; or will HP be able to replace/fix the battery? If 5 hours is "normal", then I want to return it. If it can be fixed, I'd like to do that.

  6. should I keep my hp laptop plugged in all the time? will this damage the battery or battery life? or is it necessary sometimes to use the laptop without being plugged in so that it uses the charged battery?

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