Text to speech in Ubuntu using Gespeaker

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This is a follow-up video to the one about festival. In this video I show you Gespeaker a much better alternative that gives you more control.

To get Gespeaker go to:
If you would like to get better voices go to:


  1. I just got Readplease to work in Linux MInt 11 after installing the program WINE. Next I downloaded Readplease and ran the file through WINE. It installed a Readplease icon on my desktop. I dragged and dropped it onto the task bar and it launches Readplease with a single click. After experimenting I discovered if you paste and copy your data into LiberOffice Writer first that Readplease reads it perfectly. Lots more garbage characters in Readplease in Mint under WINE if you don't do that first.

  2. Is there any limit to how much text you can past in? I been using readplease which only works in windows XP and looking for something similar that works in Linux. I just wish it would highlight the text as it reads it the way readplease and reading bar do.

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