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In this short video, I will be reviewing ten must have applications for any GNU/Linux operating system.

#10: OpenShot Video Editor

#9: Pidgin Messenger

#8: Skype

#7: Sublime Text Editor

#6: Dropbox

#5: LibreOffice

#4: Clementine

#3: GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

#2: VLC Media Player

#1: Mozilla Firefox

Some more awesome apps!

SimpleScreenRecorder (Screen Recorder)
Kdenlive (Video Editor)
K3b (Disc Writer/Burner)
Minitube (YouTube App)
SMPlayer (Media…


  1. VLC is shit MPV is the best player for linux. You should have included Steam here. You should not use google chrome, and other googles software. You should use 100% free and open source software. It is the way to go with linux 🙂

  2. such clickbait title but seems to reduce to something like "applications I use" or "applications I have heard about are good". Atom is actually better than Sublime Text and it is free. Skype – skype is skype but is it good on linux? Not at all…

  3. IMO, SMPlayer beats VLC hands down. I've used SMPlayer for many, many years, on Windows and Linux. If you're on an Ubuntu based distro, give it a go:

    sudo apt-get install smplayer -y

    If you don't like it, remove it with:

    sudo apt-get remove –purge smplayer -y && sudo apt-get autoremove -y

  4. How did you convince yourself that it would be a good idea to make a top-10 video of a bunch of applications you don't even use? And how am I supposed to take you seriously when you can't even pronounce"Pidgin"…I mean, did you notice what the logo for that application is? Lol

  5. For a pdf editor:
    I very much enjoy using PDF Studio. PDF Studio is a versatile tool for manipulating and annotating PDFs. This is the perfect replacement to Adobe Acrobat(I use Ubuntu). There is a slight learning curve. However the installation is very simple. I use it to edit my notes as a college student.

  6. LOL , how can you make a list of apps you've never used before.
    making conclusions based on other but not yours .
    when doing these kind of vids , its about user experience , you have NONE .

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