The Computer Starts but the Monitor Remains Blank in Desktops with Windows 8

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The Computer Starts but the Monitor Remains Blank in Desktops with Windows 8

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  1. What if my computer stopped working all of a sudden? Whenever I turn on my computer, it sounds loud like a vacuum cleaner after 5 seconds of turning on and the monitor won’t connect. The monitor stays black with the computer sounding loud. Help!

  2. My cpu power button doesnt have light
    it used to have light when i power it up
    I hear the fans spinning and mouse and keyboard doesnt have any light( i have gaming keyboard and mouse )
    monitor doesnt have display either

  3. It still does not works on me ..i tried everything even i tried installing the ram and checking cmos battery..the reasult is still the mouse shows the light when power is on but keyboard does not works..and when i press the power button of cpu after turning on the cpu ..
    My computer doesn't shut down and i should do it by plug..CAN U PLS HELP ME…PLS…😭😭😭

  4. I've got 4 alienware aurora's and an alienware area 51 all doing this and a miner they start to boot then you see the spinning circle at the bottom of the screen then they just go to either no signal or just a black screen it's not the HDMI cable or the tv as it works on my Xbox. If anyone knows anything this might be please reply.

  5. Please help. My cpu is not booting. Whenever I am turning on my cpu, the fan is running but there is no display at all. I've already tried to clean my RAM and reset the CMOS Battery but still not booting. What should I do about this? Thanks.

  6. After watching the Windows CD, the monitor does not show view ticks. The same writing is divided into 4 … 5 in the front view. I got a problem with how I gave the window
    . Please help me

  7. Try this:
    So I opened my pc last night but there's no display on my monitor. Fans and lights works on my pc. Then I tried today to remove my pc's socket plugged on the surge protector and plug it to the wall socket now it fucken worked. Thats kinda weird, does someone knows why did this happen ?

  8. My pc turn on in the morning and afternoon but not in evening it's fan spin but it not load windows , my pc is connected to UPS if I just turn off the main switch for fraction of second, sometimes it turns on please help me to solve this problem πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

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