The Future for Windows 7 Users

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The deadline has passed for a free upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10. So what does the future hold for all of us still running Windows 7?

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  1. React OS is nowhere near being a Windows alternative, Linux requires too much work to install for your average user and often lacks driver support and mainstream programs that people need. We have all been down this road before with Microsoft, they produce a good version and then kill it by using every trick possible including telling you that it will be a security train wreck which they have already stated regarding Windows 7. The only solution will probably be to upgrade to 10 and then lock it down as much as possible, either way you will still have less control than before. Microsoft are following all the other big guns like Apple and Google who have been harvesting your data for quite some time.

  2. You can still upgrade to Windows 10 for free ! Their activation servers are still allowing any legit Windows 7 machine to upgrade for free, go to "get windows 10" ,download the creation tool and run it. If you Google, "how to still get windows 10 for free" and check out the Zdnet article by Ed Bott it explains it in greater detail. I personally couldn't care less as I found Windows 10 a buggy mess that's packed with junk.

  3. I recommend Windows 8.1 to all those who are still on Windows 7 when 2020 EOL comes around. It is still stable, perhaps even more than 7, you still have control over your Updates, it is supported until 2023, and you can easily get rid of the new start menu with ClassicShell.

  4. I have two choises:
    -Continue to use Windows 7
    -Turn to Linux or even Mac OS X. So, goodbye Windows… I will miss you so much.

    Because I have Windows 10, and after a lot of delusions and a lot of destroyed promises, I'm preparing my Windows 7 CD…

  5. Just install windows 7 in a virtualbox and run it inside linux mint! Problem solved – use linux mint for most stuff, and use vm windows 7 for few things not possible yet in linux. Also solves some concern about not getting security updates after 2020

  6. Hi Christopher, I am just now encountering the USB wall for installing Win7 on my new Ryzen system… Starting to wish now I had spent the money on some booze and whores… lol… But seriously, I'm having trouble finding a precise tutorial on how to use a Win 7 ISO to get usb drivers onto my new build. Any possibility that you could make a vid on this with relevant links and descriptions? Thanks, Rob

  7. When the free upgrade period was about to end, I purchased a new SSD and cloned my Win7 SSD onto it. Then the clone SSD was put through the upgrade-to-Win10 process. I used the Win10 system for a while and was satisfied with it. Then an upgrade in Win10 went through and Windows starting messing up a lot of settings, notably default programs. It refused to allow me to restore my settings. Pissed off, I returned to using the Win7 SSD. I have resolved that when I can no longer use Win7, I will abandon Windows all-together, at home. From time-to-time, I will boot the Win10 SSD, to allow it to upgrade (just in case MS smartens up.)

  8. I personally upgraded from Windows Vista and Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, I quite like 10 (even though I miss Windows Aero.) My school runs Windows 7 Professional and Enterprise and the IT department has told me that they were upgrading to Windows 10 in Easter. In my experience Windows 10 runs quite well, I also have most of Microsoft's telemetry off (With SpyBot anti-beacon.) I've tried Desktop Linux (I personally like Android) but I just didn't like it and also I prefer Microsoft Office over OpenOffice and LibreOffice because I've gotten so used to Microsoft Office and I can't find some setting in LibreOffice or OpenOffice. Microsoft Office on my system runs smoother on my system compared to LibreOffice or OpenOffice.

  9. My Mom still has Windows 7. I have Windows 10 on both my old and new computer (which came with it). I think Windows 7 looks more modern to this day. Windows 10 looks like Windows Vista's predecessor. It also crashes a lot. Never had a single problem when I had Windows XP (except for when I tried iTunes for Windows once, but I blame Apple for that), and never had one small problem with Windows 7. Windows 10 has not been a fun experience, but I'm not leaving for MacOS or Linux. My mid-2009 Macbook is a great deal of stress. Linux, well, I don't feel comfortable with it, even as a computer expert.

  10. I hate to say it, but I'll probably buy a Mac laptop. I'll still use the offline programs on my Windows 7 computers, but to access the internet it'll probably be Mac.
    Microsoft just doesn't care about its users. I contacted their support via chat a few days ago. I'd bought a used Windows 7 laptop and had put Word 2002 on it from disc (the second use of it on Win 7) but needed help getting the office assistants to work. I knew there was a way round this, I did it with my main laptop, but had forgotten.
    The guy I spoke to couldn't give a damn, just tried to sell me Office 365 (or whatever it's called). The laptop can't access the internet (complex reasons), so I told him that wouldn't work. He basically told me to go away and stop bothering him!!! Then he had the cheek to thank me for using Microsoft products. I told him that if he was an example of their customer support, I wouldn't buy their products again!
    After masses of googling I got the office assistant into Word using microsoft agent 2.0 and a hotfix.

    No way will MS listen to their consumer base and continue support of Window 7. Eventually, Microsoft will go under. You can't ignore your customers and get away with it forever.

    Me, I'll move to Apple.

  11. If people are looking for an alternative to Windows 10, one alternative that embraces cloud computing seems to be the Linux-based Peppermint OS which includes "ICE" an "SSB" (Site Specific Browser) which is designed to make a web app function like a native app with its own menu entry and icon etc. ( A SSB is something I already use on Ubuntu to run the web-based version of Skype (the native Linux version is terrible) in a desktop window that appears to be a native application. For video editing / Photoshop etc. though, it is hard to beat Windows currently IMO.

  12. I bought a new PC but didn't realize it came with Windows 8. I talked to a Microsoft employee via text on the website about where to find the free Win 10 upgrade. He said it hasn't been available for over a year. Anyways, after chatting with him kindly he ended up giving me a free upgrade to Windows 10. I was going to reformat to 7, but the PC I bought is an Alienware and has some built in functions I didn't want to get rid of. Windows 7 all the way, though!

  13. Okay, I was running Win 10 for nearly two years & I have just recently switched over to Win 7 Pro. I was lucky enough to purchase a copy of Win 7 Pro from Austin Computers Osborne Park (I live in Perth WA), over the counter. People might think that sounds retarded, but here are the issues with Win 10 for me;

    I couldn't run Google Chrome (not a big issue as I had switched over to Opera Browser, it is an excellent alternate browser that works with Win 10).
    Constant updates I had no control over, when I was happy with a build of Win 10 I was still forced to update like it or not.
    The latest build of Win 10 cannot connect to the internet on a wireless 4G modem, that is a bug that SHOULD NOT HAPPEN MICROSOFT YOU DICKHEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!………… problem here's what I did……………
    …….rolled back to an earlier version of Win 10 all beautifully set up & working great with internet on wireless 4G, but then what happened?……………
    ……Microsoft Update Assistant kept coming in my face……..FUCK…… uninstall Microsoft Update Assistant. Some time later it comes back so I would uninstall it, it comes back then uninstall again, comes back uninstall comes back uninstall comes back uninstall. I got fed up! Even turning automatic updates to 'disabled' didn't prevent Microsoft Update Assistant from installing itself & install updates against my wishes.

    So I switched to Win 7 Pro, now I'm happy. Microsoft's only option is to fix Win 10 bugs & stop forced updates OR people will stay on Win 7 Pro (like me)…….people might go to Linux……..or some other OS's.

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