The Linux Challenge

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In this video I use Linux for a week (Ubuntu Budgie) and document my experience, I also talk a lot about stuff nobody cares about. The upload date is just a coincidence, this isn’t an April fools gag.

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Wallpaper (By Davide Ragusa):


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  1. well, uh, gg? XD

    Personally I like using Linux dual booted with Windows, or sometimes triple booted with Windows and Mac. It's a nice touch to have on your PC, for when you ever might need it.

  2. By the way sam I thought I'd let you know, one of the reason's your minecraft was so laggy was because we were playing in my personal world which has a lot of moving parts and a lot of stuff for computers to handle in general, it was probably a little much for the server and your pc it handle.

  3. Honestly I think I am the only one who uses Linux specifically for video editing. I'm a weirdo for using Kdenlive I know, but despite the lag and the occasional crashing, it's actually pretty good for what I need. However, if you want something that I hear is better for editing on Linux there is always Lightworks. According to people I know who use it say it's pretty solid.

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