The Most Retarded Windows XP Mods [DOWNLOAD LINKS]

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Download links:
MIDI mod:
Earrape mod:
Reversed sounds mod:
Song Name Finder mod:
Bee Movie mod:
Used music:
Sounds For The Supermarket 1…


  1. I hope you enjoyed this new retarded idea of mine! If this video gets at least 500 likes, I will release download links for all the mods featured in the video (with instructions how to install them of course), and my friend might even make a virus that would install one of these mods in a sneaky way! :O I will probably edit them to work on newer operating systems later as well.

    EDIT: Download links are now up, feel free to try these mods out (i'm not responsible for any damage though)

  2. Narrator the most retarded feature in windows, BECAUSE FUCK THOSE BLIND CUNTS RIGHT? Let them die and not use computers at all! Fuck blind people right? Totally unused feature it's like NOT EVERY FUCKING PERSON IS BLIND!

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    The most retarded feature is Random Typek, should be disabled by default.
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