The New Ubuntu Is Here! | A Look at Ubuntu 17.10 “Artful Aardvark”

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Ubuntu 17.10 “Artful Aardvark has arrived and it’s a whole new Ubuntu.

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  1. I think your example is bad with changing system fonts, so do you belive 99% of apple users change their system font? Probably no. So you can critisise the gnome or ubuntu desktop defaults, but generaly default is king.

    So the opposite is true a os where there is a button to change the system font, is for experts cause noobs probably will not try to do that.

    Even on windows who does change the default font? Nobody. If you have to change it something went wrong or you are a very detail focused advanced user.

    More option less beginner friendly!!!

  2. Thanks for the review, funny that you said it's not for beginners. Other reviewers say, oh great for folks new to Linux. I would kinda agree with your thoughts as there's things that need to be accomplished after installing. I've been running 17.10 since release (clean install) although I switched back to X org as some apps didn't like playing nice with my GPU (Nvidia and Wayland don't get along well) Hopefully the bugs will be killed off by 18.XX Cheers

  3. Do all of Ubuntu, Mint and Mate use Upstart, or is there a SystemD/SystemV-based system among them?
    Great video, this beats reading release notes by a good deal because of the eye candy and (as always) competent narration. Cheers!

  4. Any idea what's next for Ubuntu on the desktop? Are they going to try to port over more pieces of Unity (for example the global menu), focus on new things, or something else entirely?

  5. Unfortunately stock Ubuntu 17.10 uses Wayland as the display manager instead of Xorg. So if you have an Nvidia graphics card and decide to install the proprietary drivers your desktop will be completely broken after a reboot.

  6. I like Mint too. When I heard that Ubuntu was switching to Gnome, I considered switching back to Ubuntu, but then I tried Gnome on Mint for a while and didn't care for it. So I'm sticking with Cinnamon on Mint, at least for now.

    Linux didn't have X11 when it was first released. In the very first releases, it had no graphics. There was some question whether Linux would have X11 or MGR, because 80386's were a bit underpowered for X11. I actually wrote a little program that would display a pbm file on a hercules video adapter back then: . I used to just use that and the 10 (text) virtual consoles to get stuff done.

    I drank yerba mate every day for years. Eventually, I became allergic to caffeine or something, because now if I drink mate or tea (camellia sinensis) or coffee, I get a sore throat the next day – even chocolate can do it sometimes. Anyway, I was introduced to mate by a woman I was dating back then, who was from Argentina. She pronounced it Yairbuh Mahtay.

    Thanks for the interesting video.

  7. Hopefully once 18.04 comes out, there will be an entirely new and modern theme. It would be awesome if Canonical creates a new theme based from the beautiful United Theme. That would look awesome.

  8. I have to disagree Joe. Ubuntu as a desktop is done. That’s why they used Gnome and half assed the release. They don’t care about the desktop anymore, they want to focus on mobile which is logical. But as a desktop Ubuntu is finished.

  9. have you checked out things like?
    – under wayland the mouse settings are basically non existent (in Ubuntu Gnome 16.10 LTS), no terminal xinput config either.

    – under wayland configured global keys (ex: deadbeef audio player) does not work:
    – -it works if a xwayland program is selected, deadbeef gets the input
    – -it doesn't work if a native wayland program is selected
    this probably will never work. but still, many programs are not wayland compatible, so it's a problem.

  10. Synaptic doesn't work under Wayland. Works fine under Xorg. Found Stelarium wouldn't run under Xorg but runs fine under Wayland, at least on my test system, so I have to switch to Xorg to use Synaptic but otherwise stick to Wayland.

  11. logging into the generic gnome desktop, at least when it was in beta gave me a few niggling errors. Not sure how it works now in the final release but for now I think I will stick to the default Ubuntu version.

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