The Notebook Computer Starts but the Monitor Remains Blank – Windows 8

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Learn how to troubleshoot your notebook computer when it starts but the screen remains blank.
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  1. Hello, i was wondering, my other laptop has the black screen, but it wont turn off. I try pressing the power button and it continues to stay on and i can hear the motors and the lights on keyboard are on. If i take out the battery with it like this (on) will it mess up the system? Please let me know, thanks. (Also it's a windows 10)

  2. I had this problem years ago and for years [10 years ago NX7010 WinXP]: When I turn[ed] on the laptop the laptop screen sometimes would remain black not even the HP logo [HP invent and F1x for this and that] but the computer would boot up fine [WinXP] and it would work fine using external monitor. I had tried all [well except removing RAM] the battery thing, upgrade downgrade graphic drivers, up/down BIOS … well the only thing that it worked for me was shutting down [using Window's shut down menu on external monitor] and turn back on [and keep doing this shut down/turn on] till the hp logo would magically show up again and laptop lcd would work fine till the next 'black screen' incident, so basically it gave me hard time enough that I decided not to buy any HP laptop anymore. As it would go away after just a shutting down/turning on [sometimes a couple of times of this rebooting] I assumed it would be a software problem. Anyways it's called a product with a serious flaw that needs access to certified HP centers which is not available everywhere in other words a bad choice by me.

  3. Altough I don't have a Notebook, this can help if I do have one and this happens. But I haven't got one. Will it fix many issues removing the battery from a laptop and powering it on from just the adaptor?

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