The Real Cost of Windows 10?

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This is a very dangerous thing happening here to all of us. Do you really know what Microsoft is up to?

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  1. Linux is a good alternative of which I do agree with, there is Linux Mint , Zorn, Ubuntu & Suse. For those people that uses Adobe Premier on the Windows platform, can use DaVinci Resolve from Blackmagic on the Linux platform..

  2. The day it forced me to windows 10, I reinstalled windows 7, installed Ubuntu and disabled updates on windows.

    I use Ubuntu most of the time and I use windows for certain games and other things.

  3. I stayed with XP until the last minute. It did everything I wanted, and I knew it thoroughly. If Windows 10 is not properly sorted by 2020 then I will move to Linux.
    My own view of the future is that you will own no media outright, only a licensed version, and you will pay to have it download every time you want to use it. You will hold nothing locally as all your personal files will be "in the cloud". This will cover all media, films, music, software, and anything we haven;t already thought of.

  4. one thing windows 10 has done is remove my dvd driver. and to get it back i have to get windows 10 pro.
    i have also turn off windows 10 auto update. but it just turns it back on. so now I am looking into Ubuntu as my main system.
    (daul boot)

  5. I totally agree. I wasted a whole day today trying to buy a new laptop that didn't have MicroSPYWAREsoft on it. I might have to buy 2nd hand. I'd buy a linux laptop if I could find one but nobody seems to sell them in Malaysia.

  6. Linux. Linux. Linux.

    been about 18 months since I made the switch and its the best decision I've done in my 20 years when it comes to tech and computers. The ONLY way, in my experience where M$ Windows is superior is software compatibility. Sure every now and then I miss playing some old game I used to play on Windows (I could probably run them trough wine btw) but I don't play video games like I used to. And if I want to play video games I pick one of the thousands now available on Steam. Btw 70% of my Steam library has Linux support.

    Also, no spyware and no viruses. I don't have to restart my computer to install updates (and installing them doesn't take hours)

  7. I tried to take in what you were saying, but the goatee threw me off. I just feel like you're a wizard who could be doing magical things for me, or maybe a genie; three sweet wishes.

  8. Ok so I agree that Windows 10 potentially can 'spy' on you and I wish there was an option to switch that off but honestly I don't think it's that huge of a problem. If you're using your PC safely, this won't be a problem. If you honestly think you have something to hide, use Windows 7 or Linux. No need to complain all the time.

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