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  1. The Internet of Things s not a stupid idea no one needs. It's an evil idea by bureaucratic control freaks that will be forced on the population by a government /corporate alliance that benefits from you having a Crock Pot that can spy on you. Eventually, the IoT will run all financial transactions as well as citizen favorability ratings like credit score and social media rankings as China is experimenting with right now, which will make dissent rather difficult, and revolution practically impossible.

  2. I think you are a bit confused regarding IoT. You are associating it with quality of life home devices with extended functionality. There are as much IoT devices as there are humans on the planet, and the majority are on industries, factories, and cities as part of the infrastructure. Most of the IoT devices run linux.
    I get the feel you kinda already know this and were just teasing the crowd in order to get more engagement.

  3. 1. Do not underestimate IoT usage… Just do you research for once… just pull your head from your ass and don't be MS hater
    2. Firewatch is overrated game with pretty graphics but that's pretty much it… It has next to none gameplay you just walk around and listen to story… that's not a game to me… And that game studio is overrated as well…
    3. That ubuntu phone will fail… Why?? Because those few apps you have on ubuntu are nowhere near usable on touch screen devices if it will run software from pc ubuntu… You'll miss a lot of very basic apps from other OS like say all the google apps or social sites apps… And unlike WP or Symbian or Tizen OS(I believe that was the name of samsung OS) there is no huge corporation behind that OS to push it or do marketing for it… So there will be only very few tech fans that will buy it… which means the price will be incredibly high or the company will have to rely on crowd funding like for ever…

  4. I agree with your enthusiasm and agree with the Microsoft and IoT bits.
    What I’d like to see from Valve is a combined Freeman+Chell »Portal-Half-Life III« and from Campo Santo »Firewatch II — now they’re really on fire« 😀 … one can dream … cheers!

  5. I think windows 7 was the best (everyone didn't know about nsa back doors) win 8 broke the menu and basic navigation everyone's use to. and 7 8 9 so 9 never happened according to them. win 10 was win 8 with a win 7 "looking" menu and BonziBuddy spyware pre-installed easy nsa style pipeline for your info to be soled to company also navigation was broken again.

  6. I'm going to have to agree with others here and claim you may not understand the full scope of what IoT entails. For now, I do agree that the consumer side of things is limited, locked down (handfuls of stories of devices just ceasing to work the next day when companies go under), and not easy to get talking to each other. However, the industrial and medical spaces are embracing it as a way to be more efficient. Industrial systems have been largely automated for a long time, so IoT to them is just automatically spitting out data that companies love like device uptime, error logging, remote control, etc. These devices do pose a huge security threat though and it will take time to iron out the details.

    Also sounds like you just haven't found the right IoT coffee maker. I remember seeing one a while back that was super open about being able being able to connect to it via an API and Bash Scripting. Can't remember which one it is though lol.

  7. Me and my TP-Link Wi-Fi smart power plug respectfully disagree with you. Yes, I could have bought a digital one for half or a mechanical one for 1/4 of the price but I wouldn't be able to schedule it so flexibly or power it on and off from the comfort of my smart phone.

  8. 1) The whole "the Internet of Things will never take off" argument reminds of the chestnuts I heard 20 or so years ago, such as "why would you pay all that money to carry a phone about with you, when you could just use a payphone?", or "I don't see what I can do with the internet that I can't do just as easily another way".

    IoT is the next logical step along the path that tech has been walking for the last several decades, and while it may not be compelling now, sooner or later somebody will bring out the killer device. After that, it'll suddenly be everywhere and the company that emerges from the initial tumult in front will have the box seat until the next great technological disturbance happens – the only question is whether it happens before or after someone develops a compelling, mass-market implementation of the smartwatch.

    2) The whole "proper desktop Linux on a mobile phone" thing IS genuinely pointless, and needs to fuck off and die – it's like listening to a middle-aged man complaining that "nobody writes proper songs any more, these days". Either push for improved touch support on Linux software, or back an open-source OS capable of running Android apps. If you're banging the "desktops are the only proper way to do computers" drum, you're a Luddite.

  9. DRM-free people are freaking out about the acquisition because they think that Firewatch will be a Steam exclusive and be taken off GOG. I wonder how Valve will treat their games in the future.

  10. So what's the real reason that you think IOT won't take off? when devices communicate with each other automatically, so much more can get done with your time. Especially when it's all connected to your Personalized AI. All in the effort of the establishment to "make life easier" for us.

  11. I haven't seen any consumer IOT devices that are worth the monetary, security, or privacy sacrifices. I use sensors and automation, but they are all diy type stuff, a fraction of the cost and I get to choose whether I want a company spying on my automation data or not.

  12. The Operating System has become a commodity. Microsoft's game with Windows is to sell their APIs. Red Hat sells support for Open Source software and Microsoft takes the different approach in wrapping Open Source in their APIs and selling it! On Github, look at Microsoft's vcpkg project! If Vulkan development picks up, games would be very portable to Linux and there wouldn't be a business model in selling another proprietary API.

  13. I think you might not understand what IOT actually encompasses. IOT for the consumer has limited value but in the commercial, medical, manufacturing and many other industries there is huge benefits for automation and cost saving.

  14. I think Microsoft doesn’t understand why people use them. I mean, nothing they’ve made has excited people like Apple does (I’m no Apple fanboy). I mean Apple just knows what people want. Take iPhone for example. Before the iPhone, the smartest phone we had were blackberries. Apple thought outside the box and designed a phone that made sense. (“The iPhone doesn’t appeal to businesses simply because it doesn’t have a keyboard” *Steve Balmer*) what has Microsoft made that revolutionized the way we do things? Don’t say the surface pro, because that isn’t a tablet, it’s a netbook with a touch screen and detachable keyboard.

    The only reason why Windows, or any Microsoft product, is a thing is because it was the cheaper item on the market.

    Microsoft has no vision. They are delusional if they think they do.

  15. I think you underestimate the IoT. It's already here and it's here to stay, if not in the consumer space, then in the medical and industrial spaces. There's definitely been a shift towards IoT devices in my industry, and there's still plenty of money to be made from it. And I can see be benefits of it in such industries. Instead of ribbing Microsoft for investing in IoT, I'd instead jump on the fact that that development for MCUs which connect with Azure Sphere is done in Visual Studio in Visual C++, a development environment which can only be achieved in Microsoft Windows.

  16. IOT is so far stupid as shit. But if my shoes really need "laces untied" Twitter notifications, I hope the industry goes with canonical's IOT solution.

  17. I think exactly the same about IOT! useless garbage in most cases.
    And furthermore In a context of trying to consume less energy, wireless devises are sooooooooooooooooo bad in term of energy consumption……

  18. If even micrsoft can not establish a third force in the mobile market, i think this librem 5 will fail much harder. No one wants to have a third party. Everyone is buying samsung and apple 🙁

  19. Internet of things is very powerful and useful, its fatal flaw lies elsewhere : nobody uses it right. No item builder takes any risk with it and all while services stay spread rather than connected (who wants an interface for each datum they collect ?) and unsecured as fuck. We need trustworthy transparant internet of things.

  20. I totally align with your opinions on Microsoft at the beginning of the video. It's like, they let all the other companies out there to try and fail first, and if Microsoft considers that it's a good business (which this time, may not have gotten good judgment, as you said, the train is not leaving the station), then they'll try taking all the market share with some rushed product just because they're a big dog in software. It's kinda sad to watch… But if their Azure Sphere OS is basically linux… why the hell would people consider this OS instead of some other linux-based OS for their IoT product, probably tested for longer than this Azure's thingy?

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