The True Versatality of Microsoft’s Windows XP Professional SP3 vs Windows 7

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Here I am running Possibly Microsoft’s best Operating System Windows XP. I am one of those people who believe ENOUGH is ENOUGH! Windows XP couldn’t stand for anything better- and that is eXPerience. There is no more need to experimentation and stopping all support for XP in 2014 should be legally challenged. There is no rational need for such an monopolic entity to force us to start over and over and over with a New Beta every couple of years. When they pulled the Vista,Windows 7 shit of…

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  1. If you have an old PC like that XP is the best but if you get or have a newer one i recommend you get windows 7 even if it is more bulky. I say this for security reasons since win 7 is a lot more secure and since XP is so old security wholes in it is not addressed as well. Use your favorite search engine: "harden windows 7" or XP

    Just some friendly advise since i enjoy your videos.

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