The Ultimate Windows XP Gaming PC (2006 Custom-Build) – Part 3

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Here’s Part 3 of the Ultimate Windows XP rig video. In this part I go over all the software on the machine as well as demonstrate some games on this machine. I demonstrate Need For Speed Carbon, Need for Speed Underground 2 and Grand Theft Auto Vice City. All games are running at max settings at 1280×1024 @ 75 Hz.

I hope you enjoyed this video and thanks for watching. Let me know what you thought of it in the comments.


  1. I remember when a lot of people used a similar computer to this back in like 2007-2011 due to Windows Vista failing…I have never seen a Windows 7 computer until 2012 which is kind of sad to me.

  2. 8:10 you can actually use an xbox controller for any game you would like, and even for using windows as a whole, if you download a program called "xpadder" you can plug in the controller, and then map keys, mouse clicks and such to the controller.

  3. You said that it's a 750GB hdd put you can only use 698 of it. the truth is, that the drive really has 750*10^9 Bytes of space. You can see that under properties – capacity. It's just that windows counts one GB as 1024^3 Bytes.

  4. As for game controller I would suggest Logitech F710 model (like I have). It has the special switch that let you choose between XInput-mode (100% Xbox360-compatible controller) and DirectInput-mode (that was used in older games before XInput became standard). Also in DInput-mode with bundled software you can make controller-profiles for almost any game, even if it doesn't support controllers natively.

  5. Hello! Due to your motherboard doesn't support 1066MHz FSB your chosen CPU (E6700) is running on lower clock (only 2 Ghz instead of 2.66), because of it's fixed x10 multiplier and 200(800)MHz actual FSB speed of the motherboard. The fastest CPU you could get for this motherboard is actually E4700 with 2MB L2 cache and x13 multi.

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