The Ultimate Windows XP PC Build

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What happens when you run Windows XP on a 5GHz 8 core CPU?
How to build a gaming PC:
With Windows XP turning 15 years old this year I set out to build the ultimate overkill XP gaming PC build with the 5GHz AMD FX-9590, Radeon R9 270X graphics card, modern SSD and a whopping 4GB of RAM.

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  1. windows xp is a 32 bit SO. thus, i think it would be more logical that the ultimate xp machine should run like a prescott pentium 4 extreme edition (socket 478) IA32 processor. Using anything above this is a waste of resources and money. Even the infamous Pentium D already brought EMT-64 that xp simply cannot use.

  2. I still use windows xp in some of my rigs , i have some older games like thps 2 , original driver game , starcraft etc so i still have use for windows xp , my top rip i use for xp is a intel xeon x3350 aka core 2 quad q9400 at 3 ghz overclocked and a Nvidia GTX 460 and of course windows xp loves the good old 300gb wD velociraptor hard drive , it boots up like an ssd . Not sure if i'm in overkill territory for xp but if i could utilize more then i would love to know what would be the absolute most xp would actually utilize

  3. I need a computer whole setup because mine don’t connect to the WiFi so I can’t do anything. I have a Dell Dimension 3000 really old tower and a Sony monitor really small. Nice keyboard and mouse but the computer it’s self I need a new one I’m not asking for a Christmas present but I wasn’t something nice. PS you can ignore this if you want but me and my mom are not in the best moment.

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