The Windows Vista Gaming Experience

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After taking a look back at one of the highest praised operating system to date, Windows XP, I thought we may as well revisit Vista too, perhaps one of the most notorious operating systems. But why was Vista disliked, and does it actually perform any worse as so many people have suggested on various forums?

Incompatibility issues, blue screens and freezes are just a few problems that come to mind, and it wasn’t just gamers that were frustrated with what seemed like a step backwards at the…


  1. I used Vista for like 2 or 3 years and I actually loved it. I went from a fairly low-end XP machine to a decent entry-level Vista prebuilt, so that could be why it felt so much better. Aside from that, the user experience was significantly better, mostly due to the integrated search function of the start menu. Obviously I completely stopped using it once I got 7, since the user experience was again improved.

  2. I got a free Vista key from a user on a private torrent tracker. Should I use Vista when building the gaming PC I plan to build or just chuck it on my current PC when I sell it and get a $5 Windows 7 or 10 key off eBay or some dodgy Russian site?

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