The Windows XP Gaming Experience

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Even though official support for Windows XP ended back in 2014, it’s quite surprising to read that a lot of people still haven’t upgraded. For the general user this isn’t that problematic providing you’re up to date with all the latest updates and service packs, and you have a third party anti virus software installed.

But what about gaming? Windows XP only supports up to DirectX9 and therefore most modern titles won’t even start. If you’re into older games though then chances are you’re in…


  1. If you have 32bit Windows XP, you can modify the registry to use the update service of Windows 2009 POSReady, which is a 32bit XP windows version for ATM's etc. It's still supported until 2019.

  2. i am using windows ten to write this comment, but i still have windows xp on a laptop. the only reason i am not using said laptop is because i just got done skinning my windows to look like xp and i saw this video in my suggested

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