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In this video we will be applying the Arc theme and icon pack to Windows and configuring Object dock!

# Disclaimer
I do not take any responsibility for anything that may happen to your machine if this process goes wrong! Take a back up please!! ๐Ÿ˜€

# Resources
Download package containing resources:

# Links
Arc Theme:…


  1. Will this work?
    Windows 10 Home
    Version: 1703
    OS Build: 15063.540
    I've seen a comment saying they were on 8.1 and then upgraded to W10 and it didn't work or something? I was on Windows 7 and then upgraded to Windows 10 does that mean it won't work?

  2. I am have the version 1607 and I downloaded the things for my version but with any custom them it doesnt seem to change much of anything all it does change the top color and side colors doesnt change the file explorer and etc

  3. This was a good video but, I have some problems. I'm not so sure if UxPatcher patched my computer.
    Every single time I paste a theme into the theme folder. . The screen turns black and closes the theme folder.
    I go back to the theme folder just to see if it was there. I checked, it didn't paste it on there.
    I tried to do it with other themes but, it still doesn't work. Only StartIsBack and OldNewExplorer works for me.

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