Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Ubuntu 16.10 Beta [ 2016 – 2017]

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Steps :

1. Enable Ubuntu Extra Repositories and Update the System
The first thing you should take care of after a fresh installation of Ubuntu is to enable Ubuntu Extra Repositories

In order to accomplish this step, open from the left Launcher System Settings Software and Updates utility and check

all Ubuntu Software and Other Software (Canonical Partners) repositories. After you finish hit the Close button and wait

the new software repositories:

sudo apt-get update

2. Install…


  1. thanks for the guidance. I am really surprised by the fact, synaptic was designed to minimize use of CLI – more efficient and easy way to install / reinstall / remove S/W packages.

    I do understand using CLI for various tasks. But Why are you still using it to install, when you have Synaptic & Ubuntu Software packages?

  2. I installed Ubuntu Studio 16.04 today after testing it on a Live USB on and off for several days. The instalation went smooth without any hickups, I created password and encryption key when prompted. But on restart it does not recognise the encryption key I created .
    So that mean I have a laptop with no W8.1 anymore and a Ubuntu Studio 16.04 that don't work.
    Any tip what to do to get it work?

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