This is how to install Windows 10 on any X86 Tablet Laptop or PC 2017

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If you ever wanted to install Windows 8.1 or 10 on a Tablet or Pc then you should watch this video .
We will first remove Android and then start the installer from a bootable USB pen drive.

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  1. hi . i have asus zen pad 8 intel inside cpu and i want to know , can i install windows 10 my android tablet or not? I cant boot my windows maybe no dos my android tablet? How can i upload the dos or bios my tablet? please help me

  2. Hi. My name is Sokhkhan. I'm from Cambodia.I am really keen to install window 10 on my android tablet, but I do not know the processes of how to do that. Please kindly list down steps of how to install win 10 on Samsung Tab S 8".

  3. Hi and happy new yaer! Can i install Win.10 on my Dell Venue 7 (model : 3730). On board: Intel Atom Z2560 1,6ghz dual core, 2gb memory, 16gb storage capacity, intel hd graphics, android 4.4.2 . My tablet not have "BIOS", it have only Recovery Menu. Please explain, how install Windows10 via Recovery Menu ??? Exist possibility installing Windows10 on android tablet not via "BIOS"???

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