This Is What Windows 8 Looks and Feels Like

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  1. Process Explorer has always been the best task manager on windows. And afaik sysinternals was bought by microsoft so i dont see why they couldnt just integrate it into windows.
    It looks to me like they made stuff crappy on purpose just so that others can sell you magic crap apps full of adware and other bs software.
    They do less work and others get to sell more stuff. Capitalism at its best.

  2. Why is that companies are always eager to shove change down our throat (how many time Facebook has changed its interface in 10 years while Google has basically the same interface as it did back in 1998)? Why is that companies always try to follow the new hype trend instead of sticking to their core market (MSFT is trying to copycat Apple so desperately)? Why a formula that has worked so well for 20 years (start button) is all of a sudden thrown away? 20 years isn't even a generation! MSFT says that PC sales are declining while in fact the PC market is a mature market with no more place for growth (but not declining) while iPhones and iPads are the new hype in town (new market) for hipsters and tweens who never knew life before the internet. I work 10-12 hours a day on a computer on spreadsheets and I really REALLY don't wanna do it on a wannabe tablet pc. Do you really think corporations throughout the world that have been with windows and its start button for the past 20 years are going to change all of that because MSFT said they should? That implies a shitload of spendings in formation for employees to get used to that shitty new interface. The fact that a large percentage of them are still on XP should tell you something Mr Steve Ballmer. For christ sake, is this that hard to understand?????? If I wanted a tablet, I'd go for an iPad. Now if I want a new PC I don't wtf to do because I really don't wanna end up with hardware that has no support for windows 7.

  3. Windows 8 is a mistake. Why those stupid tiles? It made my work really unconfortable. Such a bad experience! After 2 weeks of struggling with it, I was happy to switch to Windows 7 look. It's not that people don't like change, it's just that Windows 8 is just not user-friendly. The person responsible for designing it should be fired right away. 

  4. I actually like the new features and looks it brought, but the new looks "aren't complete" if you get what I mean, and that made me dislike Windows 8. The icons aren't new, only the start menu looks new and sleek, and my OCD is killing me because it looks like part of it is Windows 8 and the rest is 7.
    I hope it gets updated in further versions.

  5. I know this is incredibly stupid but, I would be more comfortable with 8.1 if it had a start "button" like a button to bring you to the new start page. like a highlighted area on the toolbar.

  6. some programs cant be removed from start menu and you still have to use control panel. when you use the start button to go back the program/app is still running in the background. had a problem with the media player

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