THIS WAS A HUGE FAILURE! – Windows XP, Vista, & 7 Kaby Lake Install

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Sometimes nothing ever goes according to play. This video is the true resemblance of that idea. The point was to see what happens when you take a Kaby Lake processor and try to install Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 with Intel’s new CPU & 2xx series platform.

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  1. PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU COMMENT ON WHAT I SHOULD HAVE DONE: Things that I tried – IDE Mode instead of AHCI, Legacy Boot instead of UEFI, Installing drivers directly on the installation medium, Modding the installs to force the drivers onto the disk (slipstreaming). I attempted to use all relevant drivers, not just the SATA drivers. This includes USB, Chipset, VGA, and the like. Slipstreaming is the exact same as what the MSI, ASUS, Gigabyte, AsRock, any other manufacturer's tool does.

    Things that I didn't try: Installing from a DVD/CD. I don't have the drive to read or even write these discs. This appears to solve all issues for most. But still indicates the point of the video. Legacy software needs legacy hardware support. Disc drives, are, in modern PC terms, an unnecessary (vestigial) component.

  2. I installed Windows 7 X64 on my AMD Ryzen 1600X with a Crosshair VI motherboard with a Samsung 850 SSD and there was a hassle to get the USB drivers to install so it had no USB thus the keyboard and mouse did not work. the solution was to hook up another DVD drive and had the OS installation disc in 1 drive and the motherboard driver disc in the other drive, this strategy worked and I was able to install Windows 7 X64 on a AMD Ryzen platform. this technique might work on Kaby Lake. I later copied Windows 7 over to a M.2 Samsung 960 Evo and it was easier this way because there is no install driver for this M.2 drive and Windows 7 has no native NVME support. before copying it over to the new NVME drive you need to install the driver on the normal ssd for the NVME drive. you can also have Windows 7 on a USB and driver disc in the DVD drive, this works as well for the initial install onto a SSD.

  3. Zdebilały kret. Debiliated rat, why arę you installing it on a SSD without an appropriate driver for it? You had to check if these systems run on a specific CPU, while you showed your intelligence square root is 2 and that you can't even prepare for such thing.

  4. 1.Use Only REAL DVD ROM 2. Only USE 32 Bit win7 SP1 MBR installation. 3. make sure to reformat your SSD/HD as MBR. 4. Make sure you have all 32 bits(NOT 64 bits DRIVER Software!) Sata/USB/ Ethernet workaround drivers burned in to actual HD or DVD = problem solved . Make sure turn Driver Signing OFF when booting. some graphics and sound driver may there be no driver softwares..( such as Intel HD630 ) 4. win 7 64Bits requires you to reformat your USB thumb drive /SSD as UEFI comparible: reformat yours under 64Bits installed PC. then turn UEFI on. 64Bits are very tricky. good luck

  5. I tried booting from usb to setup windows 7 didnt work same error but when I installed windows 10 then ran the setup for windows 7 from it,it then worked so you can install windows 7 just not from Usb.

  6. First create a UEFI bootable USB drive. Please turn SECURE BOOT OFF. After that, install the USB 3.0/3.1/Thunderbolt 3 drivers through PowerISO DIMM tool. Then try booting off the USB. Windows 7 supports UEFI booting but does not support secure boot. Then install the zeffy windows update patch from Github. This will allow the installation of updates on Kaby Lake or later systems. To learn how to make UEFI installer, search on youtube.

  7. It is not that it can't detect the USB it is that it can't find any drives, you can patch them with MSI Smart tool (simplest to use) and it works fine I am running Windows 7 on Kaby Lake fine (patching for updates was a bitch tho)

  8. While putting a new system with Kaby Lake Intel CPU together, i had the same result, only Windows 10 would install. I think it is the Z-270x ??? mobo + Kaby Lake, that make trouble for older OS to install. Like Windows 7…

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