Thoughts on Ubuntu 18.04’s new data collection policies – Vlog

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Ubuntu Wants to Collect Data About Your System

“Canonical chose today, the international day of romance and overpriced heart-shaped key-rings, to tell the Ubuntu community of its plans to include a data…


  1. As long as you can choose to opt-out 100%, unlike Windows 10, then I don't see a problem with what Ubuntu chooses to do.

    The only reason I use Ubuntu these days is for those events when an update breaks my Fedora install – which is what I'm doing now …. lol.

  2. I do feel as if this sort of data collection brings Ubuntu further towards a commercial kind of system. This is fine, but it proposes the thought that Canonical could continue down this path until they make Ubuntu as bad as some other commercial operation systems. If you're okay with that then who cares, but I will most likely be switching distros (between Arch and Debian at the moment)

  3. Canonical the pimp and is collaborating with Microsoft which we are starting to see the results of that with Ubuntu. Data collection always starts small and increases in time. Canonical not only whores out Ubuntu to Amazon, it will now whore it out to Microsoft by sharing that information it collects. What till you see the data collection from the Ubuntu version after this one.

  4. Time to make an example of Ubuntu before this becomes the norm in Linux. There are so many other great distributions NOT based on Ubuntu. Deepin or Manjaro would fit the needs of most users.

  5. Some points were clearly addressed by Dustin Kirkland and Alan Griffiths on last Linux Unplugged. Opt-out will be a simple tickbox. You also fail to mention the data will be made public for everyone to benefit.

    Again dragging in that Amazon lens thing makes me want to weep. So predictable though.

  6. Thanks for the calm voice of reason on it… (Agree with you -> Definitely… should be opt-in only. In my opinion, anything else is contrary to some of the traditional philosophy of the larger Linux community.) While sharing your hardware and software configuration does amount to a "fingerprint", (so, in my opinion, it is not as innocuous as Paper Bag Man seems to think …) Still… my pov is much closer to what you are expressing here than to some of the rants I have seen elsewhere. (I would not call them schizophrenic, but I do think they are a bit paranoid… but is that unwarranted? Are you paranoid if "they" really are out to get you?)

  7. My question would be, Is data collection just at the time of installation, or it's a recursive process to gather info at different points in time? Like kernel upgrades, dist upgrades …

  8. My simple answer, don't use it. Want my data? Sorry pal, not yours. Switch to something else and in the meantime, someone will tear apart Ubuntu's code or Debian's code and find where this data collection originates. More than likely at that point, said someone will find a way to remove it and publish it as some new distro with more security / privacy in mind.

  9. I have seen many comments on this and I now have the feeling 90% of Linux users have schizophrenia. Stop comparing this crap to Windows 10. Two reasons why it isn't like Windows 10, and it's real simple.

    1, it's literally just basic hardware information and install time and time zone location (that you chose from the installer of course). So not only is this just basic hardware and install information, but it's completely anonymous, and no IP addresses are stored. And even if they were, who cares, every website you visit logs your IP address.

    2, Windows 10 collects MASSIVE amounts of data. I'm talking telemetry, hardware information, location info, personal info like browsing habits, what pictures you open, etc. Ubuntu is just asking for hardware and install information and that's it. Nothing pisses me off more than someone looking at this and saying "well, might as well go back to Windows 10" as if it's even comparable. When it comes to data being collected, you're comparing a microbe to Mt Everest. Jesus Christ.

    Stop being so damn paranoid. You think if the government was after you, they'd hunt you down using your computer hardware information, completely anonymous of course? Seriously, quit being dumb. If anything, they'd use your Google account you're using right now to watch and/or comment on this video. Even then, they wouldn't have to go after your online information, they already have all the information about you, including names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. already.

    Anyone who seriously thinks the evil gubment with ties to Satan himself is out to get you is incredibly insane and you should seriously consider seeing a psychiatrist before you hurt someone. Unless of course you have a legitimate reason to be paranoid of the government, like looking at child porn or something. Well then that's your problem, weirdo.

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