Tip: Install/Enable Hardware Drivers – Ubuntu 13.04

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In this video, I show you how to enable/install hardware drivers in Ubuntu 13.04. Enjoy peeps, and don’t forget to thumbs up and leave a comment!

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  1. Problem is .. you can't be COMPLETELY braindead and use computers effectively. So many idiots expect WIndows to do everything for them, they go into extreme butthurt rage when one minor issue affects them on Linux .. because they're too incompetent and have such little patience, they can't take a few moments to solve their problems.

  2. Cool, you obviously have zero knowledge relating to Linux or Ubuntu. LoL .. it's one of the most widely used OS's on the planet, and Apple .. PLUS .. ANDROID use linux. Perhaps you should get a clue.

  3. I got the software update but there is nothing in it, why linux is so difficult to use no wonder it has only 0.000something followers. I mean after all these years it is still not user friendly.

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