Tips and tricks How to change Windows 10 32 bits to a 64 bits version

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You can change your windows 10 32 bits version to a 64 bits version with a clean install


  1. so does this mean i cannot get 64 bit? i have the window 10 on my computer but when i put it to 64 bit then the download is done it just close the tab then i try again still doing that is that normal or something wrong or do i have to restart my computer??

  2. When I try to select the edition and language to go to the next page for the USB part at 1:56 it's telling me I need 8GB of hard drive and to clear up space with deleting files and won't let me select USB port. I'm using a Acer One and a 8GB USB.

  3. Do i need a activation key? Because i have got on my notebook activated 32-bit windows, and i want to know if i need activation key for install the 64-bit from USB or it will activate automatically from the key that i have on my 32-bit system. Thank you for the answer.

  4. im not sure if this cover my isssue or not i orginaly had a 64 bit computer and a while back i downloaded windows 10, my pc wouldnt let me download certain stuff then i look in my task maneger and found out that everything on my pc is running in 32 bit.

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