Tips & Tricks – Snap, Screen Shots, Function Keys, Optional Updates (Part 12)

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In this video I demonstrate a couple of interesting tips and tricks I have discovered on Windows 8 and Surface but that don’t tie in closely with other topics I have prepared. Specifically: 1) How to display two Metro apps at the same time; 2) How to take a screen shot with the Volume and Windows key; 3) How to access the function keys on the touch pad; and 4) How you can find an install optional updates.


  1. Loving my Surface Pro so far, only issue is the type cover is near as makes no differnce $150! What a rip off, could get a Razer Deathstalker, Razer Deathadder and Razer Goliathus for that.

  2. You can use the Windows + PrtScn keys if you hook up a full keyboard via USB. That is the only other way I know that will do a full screen capture for all applications. If you just want to capture an image from the desktop you can try the Snipping tool. To start this tool just type "Snipping" on the Windows Start Page and then launch the Snipping tool application.

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