TLDR: Windows XP, Kindle, and a Billion Smartphones

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Windows XP: Why Microsoft Still Can’t Kill It…


  1. random question: Is there a possible way to get sound back on Windows XP? My sound will come out of my desktop speakers when it was plugged into my laptop and phone, but for some reason no sound will ever come out of the speakers when plugged into my W. XP. I did troubleshooting but nothing worked. Is there a solution to this problem? (Random Question)

  2. i still use windows xp pro and most of the computers at school run xp. i doubt it will die for a few years after the 8th april 2014 because some people will keep developing for it 🙂

    long live windows xp

  3. I use it. But thats only because I can't afford a copy of Windows 7. I WILL be buying windows 8 when it comes out through this rumored 39.99 upgrade technique if it is true.

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