To make your greencard passport photo 600×600 pixels on Ubuntu.

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600×600 pixels of your passport photo as needed by the DV Lottery greencard.


  1. Hi bro am greet u first i want to make that photo program to download my pc
    so how can u helped me to make that
    thank u
    if u can plz send me ur facebook username i will contact u soon

  2. Fellas, dnt use my photo. close ur mouths and pose for a real photo. my photo was just for illustration. The video is just for how to use gimp, not what the photo should look like!!!

  3. A**h*l*! You will never even get the greencard. There is no place that specifies that the background should be white. It just says neutral. What the hell were you looking for anyway, if you already know. Idiot!

  4. all you need to do is go to the State dept web ` site:

    because I can't post a link here. Just google "state Department photo cropping tool". Click on the first link ` photo Editing tool

    Your welcome.

  5. we all know that we need a white background , in this video he just show us how to make ur photo 600/600 pixels ,,, thank you Keemany1 !!!

  6. ensaofr, you dumb son of a gun. I was only showing how to crop, not what photos to use. I guess you thought you would find ready photos here for you to use!! Crop it, you dumb f***

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