Tobii Tips: Gaze Selection Tip 1 – Windows 8 Gaze Selection Settings

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This Tobii Tip describes the different tabs and options in Gaze Selection Settings. Includes Switch vs. Gaze switching, Precision & Speed, Keyboard as well as adding and removing Tasks from the Taskbar (works the same way in Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 and previous). For Tobii EyeMobile, PCEye Go, I-Series and all hardware that runs Tobii Gaze Interaction Software.

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  1. The problem here and ultimately why Tobii doesn't work at all for any patient suffering from ALS or any locked in syndrome is that all these great features work by MOVING YOUR HEAD. The video shows extreme accuracy….all with slight head movements (look closely), which unfortunately not all of us have that luxury. Tobii is a rip off. look into a better eye gaze system. I have the PC Eye go and Series I…both absolutely horrible if you don't have the benefit of moving your head, as this kind gentleman shows while demonstrating how easy it is. I called Tobii and of course after not being covered by any insurance for the PC Eye Go am stuck with a 2000 dollar useless tool. Please do not buy anything Tobii related. Products are horrible as well as customer service.

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