Tomb Raider Benchmark – Ubuntu 15.10 vs Windows 8.1 + Ubuntu 16.04 vs Windows 10

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Tomb Raider being benchmarked on Ubuntu Linux
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My Computer Specifications
GPU : Nvidia GTX980 4Gb
Memory: 8Gb Ram
CPU: Intel I7 4790k @4.4ghz

My Laptop Specs
GPU: GTX960m
Memory: 16gb ram
CPU: Intel…


  1. Gday Can you please redo the benchmarks again in Nov-Dec 2016 , they have patched the OpenGL and Vulkan drivers a bit , shame it didnt do vulkan , then again its multi plat and amazing it actually CAME to linux

  2. this is why we need new AAA games coming to support Vulkan 😀

    Rise of the tomb raider got dx12, so hopefully also Vulkan (if we want to get fps parity)… sadly they didn't go V from the start, but probably due to the delays by Khronos…

  3. I'm getting about samish results on the benchmark with Arch Linux, Gnome 3, GTX970, 16Gb ram, 3570K@4.00 Ghz with nvidia 364.19 drivers with everything maxed. (FXAA) 55 Avg, 70 Max, 37 Min. A lot of room for improvement.

  4. my laptop has same specs (except it use haswell), so I guess this is the performance I should expect. But seeing than the maximum fps on ubuntu cant even reach the minimun fps on windows, that sucks.

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