Tomb Raider Ryzen 7 1700 SMT On & Off Windows 7 vs. Windows 10

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REUPLOAD: Eliminiate stupid benchmark variation (wind). Cant eliminate it 100% :/
Note: GPU boost clock depends directly on load and how the cpu can push the gpu specially when being so far from the gpu limit.
Gigabyte AB350-Gaming 3 (F5 Bios)
Ryzen 7 1700 @ 3.0/3.7
2x8GB DDR4-2133
Geforce 1060 3GB (378.78 WHQL)

Windows 10 Chipset:…


  1. from Reddit
    GPU is waiting for the cpu. Therefore it can reduce clocks without harming performance. Basic stuff tbh…
    [copy comment from below]
    Windows 10 does use less system RAM. Thats actually a plus for Windows 10. Total System RAM is 16GB

    There is no GPU Limit. GPU load is roughly the same on both.

    GPU adjusts frequency to hold a specific load target and that is directly dependent on how the CPU is able to push the GPU.

    GPU is basically doing nothing at around 33%. increasing/or lowering the clocks to a fixed number will change nothing fps wise. it will only lower/increase the gpu load percentage number and waste power.

    Example: Deus EX:

    Good load distribution on both Windows 7 and 10 on all threads.
    GPU Limit much closer => Same clocks
    But again Windows 10 using less System RAM like allways

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