Top 10 Best Free Linux Software Apps 2017

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Here’s my top 10 list for free Linux software that everyone should have on their machines in 2017.

Thunderbird (No Windows 10 Mail)
VLC Media Player
Skype for Linux
Steam Client
Spotify for Linux
Battle for Wesnoth
Visual Studio Code

Bonus: WINE / PlayOnLinux
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  1. It is an great list with variety and functionality taken into account. And it's always interesting to know what others are fond of using.

    But it's a bit strange that you talk about free Linux software and mean 'free of charge software' and not 'Free Software' or 'Open Source'. In Windows/Mac world it may be meh, but in Linux it's huge and important difference worth taking into account. Whole Linux distros exist just because of it. And Linux itself exists because it's a part of Free Software licensing, not because it's merely free of charge.
    You probably know the difference so maybe if I may suggest, it's worth mentioning it in these kind of videos.

  2. Sorry to say this but this is a very 'confused' list. It feel like someone who's a Windows user tying to do the same thing on Linux rather than understand the Linux software ecosystem. Telegram, Kdenlive, flowblade, Natron, Gimp, Darktable, Photoflow, Blender ??? Honestly why not mention these before a game? Also why on earth would I use Microsoft Visual Studio to code? Bluefish, KWrite, vim, emacs ??? As for audio Ardour, LMMS ??? Also for email yes Thunderbird, but many also use Evolution, Geary, Kmail and more so Nylas these days. PS. I'm not normally bothered how people pronounce names but Debian is pronounced 'Deb-Ian' as in Debbie and Ian. The father of Debian, Ian Murdock sadly died quite recently in tragic circumstances, thats why I'm keen to get the name right in this particular case.

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