Top 10 Linux Job Interview Questions

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Can you answer the 10 most popular Linux tech job interview questions?
0:00 Introduction
0:53 Tech Phone screens
1:50 How to check the kernel version of a Linux system?
2:50 How to see the current IP address on Linux?
4:03 How to check for free disk space in Linux?
4:55 How to see if a Linux service is running?
6:33 How to check the size of a directory in Linux?
7:02 How to check for open ports in Linux?
9:48 How to check Linux process information (CPU usage, memory, user information,…


  1. Other questions are: how to reboot a system without everybody shouting at you, how to know who else is connected, how to make a backup and how to restore, how to synchronize systems.

    I loved the advice not to fake knowledge! I was often very much pissed, because every interview is taking time and preparation. I do not require top gun system operators, but if you hire one, you want to be sure they know how to move on without destroying a server or system.

  2. Appreciate your contribution in helping those unix cli "newbie" understand more about the power of command line. Online Education, especially videos, helps the growth of open source society.

  3. Q: How would you check for open ports on a linux machine?
    A: Google a terminal command and know how to do it within seconds, then forget about its existence again. Do not clutter your brain with useless information. A potential employer should value you for your problem solving skills, not for being a human encyclopedia.

  4. Good work. Thanks for your insights. Your voice drops off at 13:47 for about five full seconds with reference to a little valuable trick (guessing from context and tone) you use. Plz try to maintain good audio.

  5. Hello, i have question. i am running xubuntu with the kernel 4.13.0-17-generic.
    I do not need a newer Kernel. But i want to make this kernel smaller. My Hardware ist rather new. A Lenovo All in One PC with 8 GB RAM and a GPU from AMD/ATI.
    Eyerything works fine. But the kernel ist rather big. It should be possible to make this kernel smaller. For example with a program like xconfig ?
    But when ich enter the command: Make new config, comes: Keine Regel unm programm auszuführen . Ende.
    This means: No option tor run the programm Stopping.
    What must i install to run menuconfig or xconfig ? There must be programms to do this. Can anyone tell me the Commands and write which command comes at he beginning, then the second command and so on. If menuconfig is running i want to delete all entries of Hardware, which i do not have. For example ZIP -Drives, Graphic Cards, sound Cards and so on. A friend of me did it an it worked. But he does not know the Software i have to install and he does not find the commands, which mus be used in the right way. Again -because of my bad English. I want no newer kernel, i want to minimize my kernel 4.13.0-17-generic.And there are Programms like menuconfig, xconfig.But i have to install other Software too. Please tell me what i have to install to run for example make menuconfig.Many greetings from Germany and i will share this video, a good job !

  6. Nice. But I disagree if the questions are for an actual UNIX shop. I remember going on several interviews. The Sysadmins of different companies asked me different questions, but it was always HR that always asked the same stupid questions. It's not the tech guys that recommend a person for the position, but mainly HR.

  7. Systemctl and the "service" command aren't all of them, it really depends on which distro you're running TBH. Redhat/Fedora/CentOS should have "chkconfig" while Gentoo uses OpenRC.

    And as far as the ports go, I like the idea of just using one command without piping it, but "netstat -anp | grep -e tcp -e udp" also works.

  8. Here's a few I ask:
    1 – How do you add a new disk to a linux VM (typically) without rebooting?
    2 – How would you go about recovering a root password that you don't know?
    3 – Why would a file system APPEAR full even though a "du -shc" shows that there's not that much space taken up?
    4 – How do you add space to an existing file system in LVM?

    and to see if the candidate has any network debugging experience:

    5 – You've got a DNS server that's one router hop away on the network but you can't do a zone transfer. What are some things you'd check?

  9. IF I was a hiring manager, I would give the candidate 4 hours with no internet access a simple project of creating a script that emulates a binary command along with the same flags and options. Say for example, "write me a script that emulates sed".

    NOW thats a test.

  10. Or, you get the HR person only–who doesn't know what you're actually supposed to do–but has a series of questions to ask, and if you fudge through it, they kind of accept it and go on.

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