Top 3 Entry Level Certifications for I.T. in 2018 – CompTIA, Microsoft, Linux

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Today I’m going over the top 3 I.T. Certifications in 2018, but really this was like the top 6 because the 3 from the last video I did are still relevant, check those out here:

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Get hired with these certs in an entry level roll.

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  1. I now have had two IT jobs with no A+ cert I attempted it but failed the first part but i have now worked Helpdesk and Technician (my second IT job i am currently at) how should I go about re-taking the exam should i go for the Net+ ?

  2. This should really say the top 6 certs. The A+ certification is still one of the most relevant and requested certifications by employers. Check out to see all of the jobs that either request it or REQUIRE it for employment.

    This is all about helping people get into I.T. These types of certs can help you get your foot in the door. Even with more advanced certifications these are still the types of jobs you can expect to land when first getting into I.T. with no experience. Help Desk is the best place to start and build your career. You learn everything!

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