Top 5 Desktop Environments for Linux in 2018

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This week’s Top Five brings me to my top list of my favorite Desktop Environments for the first part of 2018.

5.) Mate –
4.) XFCE –
3.) Budgie –
2.) KDE –
1.) Cinnamon –

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  1. Hello and thanks again for this video ,
    What do you recommend for a Email client , I'm on Linux mint 18.3 and I need email client that works on the background, Geary seems not work well and Thunderbird is old themed and also not worked well

  2. Yup MX Linux uses xfce, I have it installed on an old 10" netbook with 1GB of RAM, and it's doing pretty good.
    Also I use MATE with the latest version of linuxmint on another old 11.6" laptop with 3GB Of RAM.
    On my main system I use Gnome 3 in openSUSE distro and that is my favorite (for the time being).

  3. Yes. Linux fallacies exist. Could you add Cinnamon to THE fastest ever Linux please. "Clear Linux" is sponsored by Intel, to be THE fastest. It happens also to be THE fastest on AMD CPU's as well.

    Independent tests consistently show this. The latest has just been released:

    "Windows 10 WSL vs. Linux Performance For Early 2018"
    Written by Michael Larabel in Operating Systems on 22 February 2018

  4. Just mentioned this video:
    "Microsoft releases Windows 10 Spring Creators Update Build 17107 for the Fast ring"

    > Many children believe in the infallible tooth fairy.
    > For the perfections of true human engineering, check the websites of the latest creations from "The Linux Foundation".
    > Read "CHANGES.txt".
    > This arrives, fresh very several days.
    > It describes the repaired bug-fixes.

    > If reading English text is too hard, just use the Makulu operating system.
    > It is the only Linux operating system that allows fast & easy installation of the latest & greatest Linux kernel.
    > Unfortunately Makulu is now Debian-based; not Ubuntu, from which it started.
    > Also it uses the heavily customized Cinnamon Desktop Environment.
    > Cinnamon received a top rating recently on one YouTube video.
    > "Top 5 Desktop Environments for Linux in 2018". Published by "Switched to Linux", Feb 19, 2018.

  5. I do enjoy picking on Mint, especially cinnamon. As long as there are people who publicly decry how great cinnamon is, I will be there to point out how not-so-great cinnamon is. It has it's good points like: it's pretty and it's… pretty but that's about it.
    Security: Hot Topic. the design of Mint inherits it's sources upstream from Debian and Ubuntu which some argue is good enough but not every package available for Ubuntu is available to Mint. Some security packages are blacklisted by Mint but not by Ubuntu. This is bad no matter how you look at it. Mint has this weird thing of not auto-updating the kernel in the manager but a sudo apt-get for the latest instead. New users be aware!
    Because of the shifting releases from standard to long term support from Ubuntu, packages are older and often insecure leaving the new user to sudo the latest which is hit or miss.
    Don't forget that as recent as a few years ago their website was highjacked and their iso's hacked and backdoored with Tsunami. This alone should be enough for potential new users run away.
    Crashes: Mint's cinnamon forked gnome shell isn't as stable as we are lead to believe. Ask anyone who setup a spice thing addon only to have the shell crash or worse, multiple working editor sessions open and cinnamon freezes. Cinnamon crashes more often than any desktop shell I've seen. Is this mint's fault? I'd say yes because compatibility is sub-par, packages are sub-par, support for stability is also sub-par, architecture support is late or slow at best.
    All Linux Mint cinnamon is, is a set of mint-tools, a desktop shell, and gnome extensions built on Ubuntu that's forked without security so it will 'just work'.
    In conclusion, mint's cinnamon might very well be closer to windows than everyone thinks. New users have more difficulty using Mint cinnamon than Ubuntu and that is fact. There are lists out there in the wild like: "20 things to do after installing Mint" and seriously, they ain't kidding. – been there, done that sorta thing. I never steer anyone to Mint and never will.
    Cheers ­čÖé

  6. Thanks for the video and for Kitty!
    I'm a MATE-guy but since I played around with XFCE … I tend to use it.
    And yes I'm a old school guy and love crrrazy frames!!!
    And I like everything that goes AWAY from the windows-look!

  7. As guy 24/7 on the road I pick power efficiency over look or customization which I understand in your case since you are rather dekstop user and Cinnamon and KDE are top dogs for sure if you don't care about power usage.

  8. I dont agree with cinnamon, is not really customizable, is not that lightweight since it is based on gnome (500mb usage), and the interface does not offer me news tools, the only positive point I can rescue in cinnamon is that is pretty easy switch from windows to a distro using cinnamon. I dont know, even KDE use less resources in my pc or Mate & XCFE are more customizable.

  9. Cinnamon and Budgie all the way. I do think standard Mint Cinnamon reminds me of Windows XP the most. Except that it looks good and is bit better organized. If only the Dark themes had a bit better support for us nightowls, but it is an option at least.

  10. You didn't pick Gnome 3 but the kiddos MATE, Cinnamon and Budgie(soon will be on Qt). Gnome 3 and KDE plasma are the mainstream latest and greatest highly customizable DEs and the newcomer and cousin of KDE is LXQt(LXDE+Razor-Qt) and the middleman between LXDE and XFCE.

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