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Linux wouldn’t be where it is without the support and dedication of many content creators… here are 5 who seemed to gain the most wind.

Linux Scoop Official Channel:

QuidsUp Official Channel:

Matthew Moore Official Channel:

Spatry Official Channel:

Infinitely Galactic Official Channel:…


  1. Dude . . . IG said he was done and you are telling people to subscribed to a closed channel? I understand telling people to watch his stuff, yea he did really good videos but what's the point of subscribing to a closed channel?

    Matthew Moore should certainly not being in this list due to the fact that he bashes Linux most of the time and he said in some recent videos that the ONLY reason he even does Linux videos is so he can make money but really he would much prefer using Windows. This is a reason to most certainly not recommend someone as a "Linux Youtuber". If that wasn't enough, his "Mythbusting Linux" video is about busting "myths" that were all NOT true and he even admitted that the virus portion was him manually putting WINDOWS viruses on his own machine so that they would be flagged. He did it to himself and he put Windows viruses on there as if those would do anything at all to Linux, protip: they won't.

  2. you left nixie pixel out she really made geeking out sexy.
    the urbun penguin, jay lacroix,midfinger,gotbletu,sysadmngirl,kris ochippinti
    dude you left out some awsome people out.

  3. Don't forget English Bob (Formerly Linux Help Guy / Windows Help guy). Only thing is, he seems to be killing off his audience by doing a lot of crappy truck simulator game videos right now. Nevertheless, he's definitely worth a look when it comes to Linux — especially if you're going to put Infanitely Galactics dead channel in the #1 spot.

    Let's also not forget Joe Collins! Joe is probably just as good as Spatry and is also dedicated to new Windows converts. He even does occasional news and a few How-to's too.

    Honorable mention might go to Jeff "Linux" Turner who's back from the dead. Jeff is no longer in it for the money and even said so. Curiously, Jeff is also from the UK — Canada! He may not be the most polished of content providers but he definitely knows his stuff when it comes to Linux.

    Of course, there's many more to choose from. You might like checking out some others like, Midfngr, Other Stuff, Chris Where, A J Reisig, Charlie Henson, Don't Call Me Lenny, Otherstuff, and even Tek Syndicate's Linux channel. (And if you don't know who Tek Syndicate is, THAT may be the place to start!)

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