Top 5 Reasons Linux is Better than Windows for Normal Computer Users

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Today we will talk about why Windows should only be a specialty operating system for those needing software that only works on that platform. My top reasons everyday computer users should use Linux are as follows:

5.) More Control over Software
4.) Better Application Support out of the Box
3.) Customizable Style and Appearance
2.) Easy Installation and Updates
1.) No Spying or Data Collectoin

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  1. Yes but only makerspace people will agree that Linux, Unix and BSD's are good for you. Look I've been in a makerspace place where NUC's and Raspberry Pi's are used a lot and the people there agree with you.

  2. Meh! Linux is better for IoTs and Servers and Super Computers, get the picture! 😉

    According to the hardcore Windows users who never tried Linux distros for Desktop and now likes WSL ;D

  3. As an extension to #2: Live Medium. I have booted machines to a Live CD/DVD/USB distro, and was able to make full use of the machine (Internet, bundled software, etc.), all without touching the hard drive. And, if I choose, I can install Linux to the hard drive, WHILE USING IT! Name any Microsoft or Apple OS that can make full use of the computer during the OS installation.
    The first time I did this was over a decade ago, and it only took 20-ish minutes. Installing Windows XP on the same machine took well over a half hour. That was just the install; I didn't even time how long it took to remove bloatware, run updates, install personal software, and configure everything… Bottom line, Linux was much faster and simpler to install, and included software that Windows made me install later, adding to an already tedious project.
    Sure, I still use Windows. But as Tom inferred, I only use it when I absolutely have to.

  4. Hey tom, I agree with 100%, unfortunately i have to use windows 10 on my laptops because of my university, they require windows because of certain applications, but my gaming desktop, i am running linux on it manjaro kde, and who says you can't game on linux???,lol, maybe they never heard of steam, a lot of great games on there for linux and they keep adding more games for linux users. now only if my university (kaplan university online) which is now purdue global would only let us use linux. I can do my word documents in libreoffice just as you said.

  5. Window Store + Microsoft account – No. My mom has a 'local' account on her Win10 Home machine and she still get Windows Store updates.
    I agree on the reinstall/update policy. My Mom recently reinstalled Win10 for her Sims games. While the actual install took about 30 minutes on an SSD, it took 8+ hours to download and install the Fall Creators' update. She had to leave it on overnight to let it install!!
    Whenever I reinstall Linux Mint 18.2 Cinnamon, it takes me 90-120 minutes, including all software installs and pushing updates. I can click 'Install Updates,' enter my password, go eat dinner and I'll come back to either JUST finishing the installation or waiting for a reboot. MUCH simpler!

  6. I run Linux Mint 18.3 Sylvia Cinnamon on my Desktop Computer. I love how updates come, I can install what I want, when I want. This version of Linux has been running fine since I installed this over 8 months ago.
    We have a Laptop hooked to Our HD TV, It runs Windows 10, and I hate how it updates. I downloads the updates while the computer is on then when you turn it off, it says hold on, installing updates, then when you fire it up again, it takes m30 minutes to fire up because it is installing updates. That is ridiculous, after seeing the way Linux Mint Updates, If I could get Linux Mint to work on the TV, Yes this Laptop has Grub and Linux Mint 19.3 Sylvia Cinnamon installed on it also. That is the only reason I have not ditched Windows ten, because Linux Mint does play with HD TV well.

  7. Thanks for the video. I would say that "Normal" computer users will not have any clue of what is going on. They will go to Amazon or Best Buy and buy the next Windows p.c. A better title IMO would be… "Top 5 Reasons Linux is Better for TRADITIONAL Computer Users." Most normal users will never see this video or have ever heard of Linux.

    Microsoft is loosing money on traditional Windows. Computing has changed dramatically for normal users. From yesterdays desktops to today's tablets and touchscreens. They are making a failing attempt to keep up with Apple and Android. Microsoft is absolutely going nuts. For people (like me) that like to use a p.c. traditionally Linux is the way forward. I still use a desktop as my primary machine. As matter of fact I have 4 desktops. I built them all. A decent mobo is becoming harder to find.

    I foolishly paid $200.00 for a copy of 10 pro. I should have gave the money to Linux Mint. I feel like I am being suffocated when I use Windows. At my current state I have moved all my p.c.'s to Linux and use that copy I paid for in a V.M. just for a couple tools.
    Linux still does not handle formatting USB and SD cards properly. It does not know how to set the proper default allocation block sizes on these devices. Therefore making your drives slower. There may be a way through terminal but you would have to know the defaults yourself.

    I feel sorry for all those normal users. Forced bi annual upgrades with useless features and bugs. Marketing schemes. Forced app installs. MS has no respect for users. Normal or not.

  8. For the moment, the only useful purpose for logging in with a Microsoft account is getting Cortana to work across devices… which, I might add, is pretty useful if you don't mind the NSA looking in your underwear drawer! Still, it's nowhere near as good as GOOGLE's data gathering capabilities. Which reminds me: isn't Android a LINUX system?!

  9. The EULA, where the spying and data collection and other legally terrifying things are oppressed on the user made me switch to Linux, too, but it was Langhorn back in the days, later known as Vista. They rolled it back because of so much resistence back then, only to include the same stuff in the later versions, when noone was listening. Today the Windows 10 EULA is about as frightening as that one all we old guys stood up against, and nobody is interested in it.

  10. I think you mistaken YOUR top with average user… who doesn't care about styling (most people keep everything in UI default). Also more software control is an idea that never flies through mind of average or actually through mind of every windows user… who just accepts things as they are, meaning: you can sit on old version or update it whenever you want, versions doesn't matter much. Also in windows users have applications for every task… and so on. In my opinion this is completely missed top 5 and has nothing to do with actual average user. I see those average users all around me. They wouldn't have any idea what you are talking about….

  11. So I'd need a phone number if I wanted to use Windows, but as I've never felt the need to have a phone and as I don't need to be spied on by the operator, I don't have one. So, what would I do?? Microsoft is not only spying on their users, they even force them to have gadgets that can be used for further spying? How's that even legal? If just one single country bothered to update their privacy laws to 21 century, Micro$hit's practices would have no chance of not being outlawed.

  12. I am starting to accept the flat themes. I prefer the old Oxygen themes in Plasma/KDE, but many themes I am finding don't really adapt very well to the old style. I don't mind Windows 10 asthetics as much as I do the other things. Windows 8 was unpopular because it looked to much like a cell phone operating system, wasn't very practical on regular mouse and keyboard. Microsoft fixed that and brought back a somewhat classic start menu. However, I have dealt with people who just bought a Windows 10 machine for cheap with only 4GB or RAM in it, and not even 10 minutes into first boot, just browsing the web, kept freezing up on them… I am talking about FIRST boot… Could barely get task manager running to check the processes… It was the updates downloading causing the problems. Taking up all the CPU power, and all the RAM. Makes me glad to be running Linux. WHY would anybody tolerate that kind of crap? And pushing ADS right in the start menu? Why would anybody torture themselves with that? I run Arch, but Manjaro and Mint are just as good and are easier for the average user. I am at the point where I honestly believe doing an Arch install is easier than dealing with Windows… all it is is following a wiki. Manjaro, and Mint are good for the average user as well. But lets be clear. If the ONLY 2 choices I had was Windows 10, or Gentoo, I'd pick Gentoo… Id rather compile everything from source, for days, than deal with Windows 10's crap. I'm not even a programmer (I just barely know SOME basics of code). I know, I'm just ranting now. Just thinking out loud right now. If the only options were LFS or Windows 10… I would do my best to learn LFS. Thoughts?

  13. My brother finds LibreOffice cumbersome, especially Calc, because he can't use some shortcuts and missing features that he needs.
    Not gonna argue against him because I don't use Calc as much.

  14. Hello STL! Some of the titles in your video don't match the ones below your video:
    4.) Applications for any task 2.) Reinstalling and Updates
    Now for that last one it depends on the Linux distribution you chose. If you break a Gentoo or LFS system it will take days or weeks to reinstall them.
    Now easy installation: the test should be done with people who know nothing about Windows and Linux. And some installers are easier than others: some persons even in the Linux community have problems with the Anaconda installer, the Slackware ncurses installer, the Void installer. Some persons are unable to install a pure Gentoo or pure Arch but might be able to install Windows.
    The community factor is greater in Linux than in Windows.
    For data collection Fedora since version Core 6 has used metrics to track their users.
    On Gentoo you can only sync once a day. If you don't respect that rule you'll be banned temporarily and then definitely. So they have some kind of information. When you go to their forums you need to give the output of emerge –info which reveals a lot about your system. So there is some kind of data collection.
    Now of course nothing comparable to what MS, Google, Facebook and others do!
    Best regards.

  15. Windows (95, 98, 2000, xp &,7) used to take me at least 6 hours to install just the system with updates. Then another 2 hours to install software apps and games. I started sort of using Linux (Mandrake) in 2005 and then switched to Ubuntu in 2006. (I had a laptop with Windows 7 on it that I eventually gave to my youngest son.) It took 15 minutes to install the system and a half hour to install the updates and maybe half an hours to install programs. So that is 1 hour and 15 minutes compared to 8 hours. I use Linux Mint now and am very happy indeed. When I have to help a friend with Windows 10, it upsets my stomach. Things are so hard in comparison. Reinstalling the system is almost impossible to do. They put you through hell until they let you reinstall. My son says it is easier in the States but outside the States it is HORRID. AS you said if you are just an ordinary user Linux is so much easier. Luckily here we can buy a computer that doesn't have a system on it.Then it is just a matter of setting the Bios to Legacy. And before you know it you have a beautiful Linux system running what you choose.

  16. OK. For Windows 10, you don't need a MS account to download and install MOST apps.
    Also, while you are correct about how upgrading to Win10 Pro requires a MS account, All 3rd party OEMs are refusing to enable Win10S by default on x86 machines, so it's not a issue you'll have with the vast majority of equipment. Win10 s is being changed to a feature in all future versions of windows that can be enabled/disabled at will and paying money to get a non S version of windows will no longer be required. I'm not sure if at that time you will be able to disable S (hit) mode without a MS account, but I would assume so.

    Still though Win10 is garbage and I'll be glad when I can finally get rid of it on my laptop. (Main rig is already on Ubuntu)

  17. I don't think you quite realize what the average computer user wants, they just want to get home, run their software (they wont bother will the alternatives) to them any system that can't run their exact software is inferior, they don't care about customization (everything looks fine to them), most of them can't be bothered to learn a whole new UI, windows update has just become a normal process to them and sadly they don't care about their privacy

    this was a great video and you made a lot of good points but ultimatley I don't think Linux has a place in the hands of regular computer users…and at the end of the day I think these people are just switching to tablets and smartphones…

  18. Unfortunately?…'ll have tons of people who will come on here and tell you that "LibreOffice doesn't do 'XYZ' as well as Microsoft Office. Too bad eh?…they're locked into a prison of their own making!…LoL! I use LibreOffice extensively as well. For my personal finances, (LOVE Calc!…its so versatile and extensive!) and to write letters (can't hand write 'em anymore…too time consuming!….besides, my aunt wants like FIVE pages when I write her!) and I even use the Impress presentation app! (For when I'm introducing someone to Linux for the first time….you'd be surprised how quick they can pick up on things when you give em PICTURES to go with your words!…LoL!) Been using Linux since '02 / '03…and I ain't NEVER going back to Windows!….and I've never been a fan of Mac stuff ever so I don't even have to mention it here…(although I kinda just did huh?…oh well!)


  19. Great work as always, Tom. Those five reasons are exactly what made me try Linux 4 years ago and make the big switch in 2016 for real.

    Regarding Windows and Mac's modern look, Linux has got pretty designs for us who like to live in the future, so to speak. Oxygen beats any Windows modern skin like an MMA fighter would do to win in a major promotion.

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