Top 5 reasons to upgrade to Windows 10

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It’s time to decide whether or not to shake up your current computer with Microsoft’s latest operating system. We run down the best reasons why – and why not – to upgrade.


  1. 5. not free anymore
    4. useless
    3. even more useless (not a phone)
    2. even more and more useless (full of phone apps, kinda worse than Google Play, again not a phone) you really don't need that shit
    1. only thing I like in Win10

    Fun Fact: Windows Phone is dead, MS killed it
    It's quite obvious why you made this vid

  2. my my laptop is a toshiba and it window 7 i don't know if there an option to upgraded to window 10 or something like that so how do it do that? should i wait for another or what?

    (apologize if that was rude)

  3. Save you time effort and/or money. Windows 10 is a piece of shit. You need a Microsoft account just to sign in and you need to sign in each and every time you start the computer. Unless you don’t sign in without a Microsoft account in which many of the applications won’t work. And the only reason they say you need an account is to sell you shit from their store. It has absolutely nothing to do with security.
    Myself and 1000’s of other users can’t “cut and paste” and no one know why or how to fix it, especially Microsoft.
    Another problem is the “Remember my Pass Word” box which flashes for less then 1/10 of a second then is gone. So you can’t get the God Damn machine to remember your password, because you can’t check the yes box fast enough, except once in a while apparently by magic it will remember your password. Again, a virtually universal problem that no one can fix and no one knows why it happens.

    Emails! Sometimes you get emails you can open, but most of the time you can’t. But will get a notice that says “accounts not synked yet”, so you move the sync button (which was on) to off, then back to on. And it still says “accounts not synked yet” so you can’t open your mail. Again nobody know why or how to fix the issue. Although there are plenty of fixes on the internet none of them work. And asking Microsoft for help is a useless effort.

    I could go on but you get the idea. Microsoft sells this shit, knowing full well it doesn’t work. Then depends on customers to find the bugs and tell Microsoft.
    Each and every operating system since XP has been worse then it’s predecessor.

  4. I liked the big start menu. On my new laptop, which unfortunately came with Windows 10, I changed the start menu to the larger menu. It's nice to see everything at one time instead of a truncated, button heavy, smaller menu…

  5. you forgot to mention the number one reason why not to upgrade: Major Privacy Violations.
    Windows 10 does everything that spyware did in years past – it hijacks your keyboard, monitors every keystroke to make, every word you type, and every password you enter, and sends it to Microsoft as part of their "data mining" initiative.
    It also takes control of your microphone, guised as the ever-present Cortana. It hears everything, and it sends all that "speech data" to Microsoft so that they can "help you better".
    That's not to mention that Microsoft upgraded it's privacy policy, enabling them to disclose any of this " data" to other companies, individuals, health agencies, and law enforcement – all at their discretion. This is part of the legal agreement that everybody agrees to, but never reads.
    They say that Windows 10 is free. Not really. They offer you a "free" operating system, through which they harvest an incredible amount of private data from you – all of which is valuable – very valuable. In fact, it is the "black gold" of the 21st century.
    I'm sticking to Linux. It has always been light years ahead of Microsoft. And what's more? It free – truly free, with no strings attached. No hidden agenda.

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