Top 5 Reasons to use Linux in 2018

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These are the best reasons to consider looking into GNU/Linux in 2018 for desktop computing.

1.) Security is better
2.) Options in Workflow
3.) Software is better than ever
4.) Choices in Appearance
5.) Free and Open Source

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  1. The only reason why I'm keeping Windows around is cause I'm a gamer. There are many games available on Linux, but none of the ones I play, sadly. I do have a Linux VM on this pc and an older pc that I converted to a Linux media center, so there's that. 🙂

  2. Windows 10 is what finally pushed me to Linux as of this week. 10 in particular is so cluttered and so naggy that I ditched it for Mint and couldn't be happier. I finally have a stripped down, fast, and clean OS that doesn't bug me about pretty much anything.

  3. 6. freedom to update when we want too on linux. on windows 10, its mandatory and sucks and has apps i dont fricken use or most of them i cant un-install unless i use power shell and if you do that wrong windows 10 get buggy as heck……. windows 7 was nice cuz you make updates set to notify and update when you want most times and ignore some updates and install others, i am using linux and hate windows 10 , i am happy

  4. I installed Ubuntu, but have to say I am somewhat disappointed with it. I am thinking of switching to Mint. I have used it on a live USB in the past and thought it was pretty good. Just worried about ruining my exisiting dual boot UEFI setup.

  5. I've been using various Linux distributions for decades – and I only have one thing to say. The thing I have to say hasn't changed in all those years.

    Drivers, drivers, drivers. (I.e. hardware drivers).

    Every single time I have tried a Linux distribution, something in my environment stops working properly: mice, printers, scanners etc.

    I would love to swap from Windows, but have never managed to get past the drivers issue – even though it has got much, much better, I'm still not going to buy a new camera/printer/scanner etc. just so I can swap to a Linux distro.

  6. You need to be positive in saying WHY it is a good reason, not for somebody else's bugs, however short they were… As a linux user myself, I just focus on what is positive. And this video isn't it.

  7. You missed one crucial point: no bloatware.

    I used Windows as my primary OS on my desktop from 2001-2010. I liked the OS but didn't quite like the fact that it came bundled with a lot of preinstalled junk I'd never use. There would be services running in the background for seemingly no reason at all and consume precious internet bandwidth (I had a metered connection back then).

    In 2010 I switched to Ubuntu. It ran lighter than Windows for the most part but still had junk I had to remove. But at least removing it was an option. In 2013 I got a laptop but chose Mint to run on it instead of Ubuntu.

    Then finally in 2014 I moved to Arch Linux. Loved the fact that you start with a barebones OS and then you install only the packages you'd need (with their dependencies of course) so you'd end up with almost zero bloatware. I started getting 2 hours more off my battery. Have been using it ever since.

  8. Question for you since think kdenlive is so wonderful. Can kdenlive audio visualizations with a logo in the middle or do I still need at least adobe affect effects 6.5 for that?

  9. You missed:
    On low end hardware, light weight distros are more than fast enough to use. I have an old 600MHz netbook for travel. I can watch youtube videos just fine on it. I can edit a picture. I can write a document or do a spreadsheet or the like.
    I can even do some limited scientific programming on it. It is not as fast as having myy main machine at hard but for some things it is good enough.
    The distro I use is Puppy 528.

  10. I'd really like to use Linux. Unfortunately I can't, both professionally and personally. Reason being the same for many many years. No software that I need. Shame. Nevertheless I support and give thumbs up to everyone who have managed to successfully switch to Linux 🙂

  11. Wtf is workflow ? The software I like won't work on linux. The look of a desktop I don't care about and Linux is still for geeks nearly impossible to fault find or fix

  12. What is The equal of .exe in linux? I would actually love if the major companies would just if they imported their programs to Linux . I dont want to Use an emulator , but ive seen improvements on winemulator

  13. Ever heard the expression "killer app"? This goes back to the days when you would buy a computer to be able to use, a specific program, say Lotus 123. The engine of the computer is the app, not the OS. The OS is the tires: you have bad tires, you have good tires, no matter what, you have to have tires. I like to use CAD, and CAD in Linux sucks big time. You can use LibreOffice on Windoze as well, that's not a motivation to switch to Linux. When I need to write my own code, I use Linux on a VM, sure, but most of the available programs work best on Windows. As much as I love Linux, I must admit. Also, in my neighborhood, everybody uses WiFi, so I prefer to use 5GHz. Just give it a try. It is possible, but it is a pain, and compiling and loading your own drivers is not for beginners.

  14. Hi! I'm going to switch to Linux in the coming weeks. But I don't call it "switching to Linux", but "Escaping from Micro$oft".
    My excuse: my 10yo Win7 custom PC is letting me down.
    But I know Linux. I had a heavy period of tests of 2000 ; even made builds to set a local server up. Them I worked w/ Linux sysadmins. And I'm a fan of the Chromebooks and using Android phones, that are Linux based. Btw, I've never gave a cent to Appl€.

    Now, to summarize that video, Linux is :
    a/ more secure
    b/ more productive
    c/ a mature software ecosystem
    d/ highly custom-able
    e/ free and open-source
    but how does it interact with our new Cloud centered computing?

  15. It's a good thing Linux is no more spyware but became 100% save. It is also a great service to humanity how all these dedicated developers of the Linux kernel make this all for free and honorary.

  16. It's easy to tell that you're a real Linux fan; however, you do not come across like some of the 'fab boys' that make outrageous claims.
    I really started getting into Linux with Mint running the Cinnamon desktop. Moved to Manjaro with XFCE, and now my main system is Arch with XFCE. I still play with other distros and desktops, just in case, like you started, I may find something better.

    The only reason I still dual boot into Win10, gaming. Because, running a pass through or emulator sux. I have talked with other players in the help chat of my current MMO, and we all seem to face the same issues of get it working, game patches, have to fix emulator. I play as a stress relief, and I don't need that headache.

    Great video, good reasons, and as stated – glad you don't come across like some others where Linux is perfect and everyone is stupid for not switching.

  17. Top 5 reasons to not convince anyone to use Linux in 2018
    1) security is better: unless you use Linux Mint with that ridiculous 3 options update manager. The look-a-like sys like mint get new users to think they need anti virus anti malware apps that are totally unnecessary but they don't know that because mint looks like windows so subconsciously it must be windows. Look-a-likes are bad… very bad.
    2) Workflow: most people coming to a windows look-a-like system treat it like windows. they look for their favorite programs and they aren't there. Anything but their favorite programs is unacceptable. They look for addons or updates to their favorite programs and end up downloading the .exe only to realize they need a .deb or sudo apt-what?
    3) Software on Linux is better than ever if you are familiar with and know exactly what you need to do to get it working in a way that you want. Software, either closed or open still sux on any system, but Linux might be worse since an update can change the software so much that a new user wants to throw it against the wall. Upside: don't update your software if it works.
    4) Choice in appearance (flavors) might very well be the bane of Linux for new users. While crApple and Micro$ remain stagnant, Linux has gone off the deep in desktop enviros. New users are going bald trying to figure it out. Stick with one Linux DE that gets it done and that's Gnome. Cinnamon is Mint's response to a buggy new gnome in 2010 and should be discontinued and if Ubuntu goes down say goodbye to mint. Unity was Ubuntu's response to the same and well… is discontinued for? Gnome because it works and feels great. New users like cinnamon until they treat it like windows then… Linux sux. Gnome looks like their phone/tablet right from first boot and they smile and start clicking/swiping
    5) Mostly free and open source: hard to argue this one other than frequent updates that can and will cause a software to behave differently than what a new user is accustomed to. Simply turn off updates to software unless there is a security issue. New users go nuts over this when a software updates then looks and reacts differently.
    My advice: don't suggest, convince, nudge, or anything else to get windows users to come to Linux especially mint. Let them do it on their own from their own research or curiosity. These kinds of videos are in over abundance and don't really convince anyone to use Linux, they just re-affirm Linux users that they don't really suck after all.

  18. Every Linux distro is a constant struggle. Beginning from compabilty problems and random crashes, thru lack of hardware support and ending with details like choppy YouTube playback. I was seriously willing to get into Linux Mint xfce on one of my older machines, but in the end went back to Windows 7. Much more fluent performance. Linux is for diehards.

  19. I love Linux, fast and secure. Above all is having fun with terminal. However, drivers are the pain in the ass. Too complicated, too many hassles.

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