Top 5 WORST Linux Myths, DEBUNKED!

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Common questions:
What distro do you use?
On my office PC I use Ubuntu 17.10 with the stylish Pop! theme by System76.

On my Steam Machine I now run Ubuntu 16.04 with the Steam Compositor and nomodeswitch…


  1. About the most common misconception I encounter, is that Linux is indeed made for hardcore nerds and programmers. It's true that most of its ecosystem is built assuming the user is somewhat logical (arguably more than you should expect from "just anyone"), but I think it doesn't mean its users have to be coders from the get-go, IMHO it rather means its users will be better prepared to learn coding if they need to (yes, it IS true that Linux is a more comfortable platform for coders than other operating systems).

  2. No Distro for the latest greatest hardware. Everything presented is about how it works on the laptop in your attic that you used in college. Ubuntu/Mint/Peppermint all run faster on a Ryzen 12 thread cpu than they do on a 8 thread Bulldozer. 3200MHZ ram, M.2 storage, 1440p monitors, etc,etc,…Retailers are not selling lots of core DUO cpus. How about a new distro that requires 32GB ram and 16 threads and an RX580 8GB or better hardware. (please feel free to translate all these parts to Nvidia/Intel)

  3. You didn't mention MATE, which is my return to the GUI that I started using with Ubuntu 8.04, before the absolutely horrible Unity was foisted upon us. It is very lightweight, and as configurable as XFCE and LXQT are not.

    Ubuntu MATE FTW!

  4. Sorry for poping your baloon, but this is not true.
    Every time I tried to use any linux distro, without exception, I had to use lots and lots of command line, and Internet is full of bad advice about "fixing" stuff with cryptic command lines, which either don't work, or make things worse.
    Wrong about hardware support. Despite being on the "supported" list, a lot of asus xonar sound cards are not supported, and there is no hope they will ever be supported.
    All linux GUI are very poor, don't cover a lot of needs, are unintuitive.

  5. Gnome is light years ahead of Mac and Windows? Sure it's more customizable but it doesn't do half what they do out of the box. Try to tell your phone to remind you about an appointment and have it on your computer when you get to work. Or add stuff to your calendar on your home PC and have it show up across all of your devices. How about working on a spreadsheet and have coworkers able to open it and make changes at the same time you are. I buy games on my Xbox and those games are also available on my laptop to play when I'm not home. Also Steam is FAR, FAR better on Windows.

    I could keep the list going but I think you get it. I have a Linux (Ubuntu) laptop I play with but It's more for just playing around with.

  6. Me and a lot of others definitely agree that Linux is a better platform. However the most used os is windows which makes it a better option for most. I really hope that Linux would become a more used platform for gamers and home users considering it is free, more private and open. Keep up the videos to try and spread the knowledge and debunk the myths of Linux 🙂

  7. a collegue of mine said: " linux is aweful for professional audio" and i was like " ironically thats exactly what i use it for… i use a behringer X32 connected to ardour with JACK audio to do 32 channel recording. and it works great!"

  8. Very nice, LG, but you're preaching to the converted! I've been using Linux of some sort for years. Yes, I've had problems, but I also had problems with M$. If you don't like one distro you can easily find another that you do like.

    Thank you!

  9. So, you're saying if I install Ubuntu today, I will have a working graphics card acceleration, working WiFi, and sound that doesn't cut out every time I switch programs? With no command line use? I find that very hard to believe given past experience.

  10. I think what might benefit your channel is to provide video tutorials with various Linux distributions on how to get them setup for gaming. Not everyone uses or wants to use the so called newbie friendly distributions. They are all capable of playing games because since they are all Linux it should be possible to get the packages you need to get them setup. It would be nice if you also included various hardware setups. Basically tutorials that outline pitfalls to watch for and how to overcome challenges with graphics acceleration issues, etc…

  11. I think it is important to note that these myths aren't without their truths. Linux has come a very long way in the past decade. I mean, it is incredible how different the experience is now vs 2010 or earlier. Almost all of these myths were truth when I installed linux on a laptop back in 2008. You literally had to download driver source code and compile them. It was intense.

    But… that is absolutely no longer the case. In fact, i've gotten extremely lazy on linux because everything is easily accessible from the GUI. I have forgotten a lot of commands. Every time I go to Windows for anything i get frustrated because somethings aren't as easy to do as with my DE (MATE).

    Ah, but, there's the downside, and that too needs to be talked about. What Desktop Environment would/should be used? Also, with linux distros switching from Xorg to Wayland, is that going to cause some issues that "normal" people will understand?

    Either way, Linux is every bit as user friendly as any other OS.

  12. I have to admit, I've used Linux for a while now, with Ubuntu or distros built off of it, it is tricky to get to work with a Nvidia card, but once I got the driver selected, I haven't had a single issue

  13. My #1 'WORST' Linux Myth. Small market share. All ignoring: Nearly all of the web servers(incl those so-called cloud-computers your windows computer might heavily rely on), supercomputers, and majority of ARM based devices(which is a huge friggin lot of stuff). Odds are, even if you don't run linux on your desktop, you likely have more linux powered computers in your home than you have windows powered devices. That would be the opposite of a small market share.

  14. I was Windows user and loved it. Then Win 8 came out, what a fail. I had high hopes for Win 10, but what a POS it is, Microsoft is totally lost. I switched to Ubuntu in 2012 and tried more than 10 other distros including more or less all GUIs. There were some amazing stuff, but also hardware and software compatibility issues, broken inconsistent UI, … I tried to love Linux, I really did but I wasted countless hours fighting with it instead working. It's amazing where money is – Server, cloud, IOT. For desktop it is what it is – hobby OS. I bought iMac few months ago, love it. If I had money to buy it few years ago I would be so further in my career. Sorry Linux, maybe one day we will be friends.

  15. Ok, if you do just browsing, yes linux is enough. More than enough. I tried to use Linux during uni, it was fun, it was usable. But alternative applications are not enough. Libre Office may be enough for some, but for example you cant add Smart Art in Libre Office. And that sucks. I dont want to work with Wine, or other things to make an application run. Its not hard but not user friendly.

    And I think it is wrong mindset to say "you can do everything you do on windows on linux too." It should have something special which will make linux worth more.

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